Geo Group Operator of Tacoma's Northwest Detention Center Sued for Paying $1-a-Day

Sustainable, Commercial Slavery of Our Modern Era
posted Sep 27, 2017
tacoma, tacomic, bob ferguson, WA State Attorney General, GEO Group, Northwest Detention Center, ICE, lawsuit
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SAVE US WASHINGTON STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL BOB FURGUSON, YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE!  Tacoma has a sick-sad history of exploiting immigrants for financial gain. Chinese Reconciliation Park anyone? Every opportunity to stop the evil franchise of Geo Group and their Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) has been missed by elected leadership in the past, ALL HOPE is with Anti-Trump crusader named Bob. Make these corporate for-profit prison labor camp sons-of-bitches pay!  And HOLY SHAME on you slime ball Port of Tacoma commissioners for sitting on your hands on this one too.  You got all the fossil fuel industries chugging out human-caused climate change, forcing climate change refugees to come here looking for a better life and thrown in port gulag next door to be exploited for below-minimum-wage labor!  Jesus H Christ... how many hunger strikes do you need to get woke? 

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