FBI X-Files Pierce County Edition

Check your Carpet Bag for Pam Roaches
posted Jul 26, 2016
tacoma, tacomic, pam roach, pierce county, washington state, FBI, x-files, scully, mulder
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GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVERS! We're back on the air with all new Tacomic Adventures! Episode #415... THE RETURN OF PAM ROACH STRIKES AGAIN! was directly inspired by Seattle Times reporter scoop Jim Brunner's liberal media hit piece reporting the facts of Pam Roach's FBI investigation into her gross Applebees deep throat seedy campaign solicitation meetings.  Kinda funny to draw this cartoon over the gross trumpster diver chants of "Lock Her UP!" and "Hillary for Prison 2016"  but who knows... maybe the FBI will say there is no there there with respect to Pam Roach FBI investigation as well.

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