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posted Aug 9, 2018
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the full version PDF here: TACOMA AGAINST NAZIS "no Nazis" sign for BUSINESS

BACKSTORY: Tacoma has always had a NAZI problem, just like anywhere else in the PNW. Tacoma has an active ANTIFA movement and that is good. Recently with the hijacking of America by the evil regime of President Trump, more people have wanted to get in on the fight against nazis and thus the baby antifa movement TACOMA AGAINST NAZIS was born. They started with something small, to try and vaporize a tiny shit-hole nazi tattoo shop around the same time the Patriot Front attacked downtown Tacoma with Nazi anti-immigrant/refugee hate posters. TAG responded by dumping some serious $$$ on a billboard.

Meanwhile, while hardworking people of Tacoma are protesting, shaming and fighting to push real life NAZIS out of our city, our local The [Tacoma] News Tribune is wondering why even bother doing this? Isn't protesting nazis just making everyone crazy and why can't we all just sit down and have a civil discussion? 

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From the TNT Editorial Board:

Rarely does a TNT editorial provoke a social media storm like the one we posted online late last week and printed in Friday's paper.

The editorial was intended to reiterate our unequivocal stance against hate speech and intolerance in all forms.

It also was intended to appreciate and support the efforts of the local activist group TAN, also known as Tacoma Against Nazis.

Finally, it offered a few thoughts about how the group might expand its influence beyond street protests.

But the piece upset some people who fight hard for justice in Tacoma -- people we respect.

Here at the TNT, Editorial Board members talked at length Monday and agreed the editorial wasn't as clear as it should have been.

The editorial was partly derived from suggestions developed by the highly respected Southern Poverty Law Center on how to fight white supremacists and their ilk. We should have made the SPLC contributions clearer.

A central point made by the SPLC is to avoid repeatedly sharing forums with hate groups, because it implies an equivalence between their positions and those of their opponents.

In the editorial, we wondered whether TAN’s repeated protests, held outside a suspected white nationalist tattoo shop, are beginning to give “oxygen to the hatemongers.” (People at the tattoo parlor say business is up since the protests began; we hope that doesn’t also apply to the cause of white supremacy.)

We should have noted that SPLC suggests holding alternate events some distance away from points of conflict because “confrontations serve only the perpetrators.”

We also suggested that TAN take its message -- both warning of white supremacists and Nazis in our midst, and of how to combat same -- out to local schools, universities, churches and other civic groups.

We think presentations will deepen public understanding of the threat and how to fight it.

Reading some of the critique of our editorial, we believe some readers thought we were suggesting panel discussions that give equal time to white supremacists. Our intent was to encourage what SPLC suggests: To form a diverse coalition and “gather ideas from everyone, get everyone involved” in the stand against hate.

After our editorial appeared, we observed the TAN Facebook page now mentions upcoming programs with two Tacoma Rotary clubs. That’s great, and we look forward to more of the same.

No single group has all the answers: Not TAN, not SPLC, certainly not this Editorial Board. But one year after Charlottesville, joining forces to fight race-based fanaticism in America is as important as ever. The news media, including us, have a responsibility to help deliver that message clearly.

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REBUTTAL STATEMENT AGAINST from TACOMA AGAINST NAZIS... "THE NEWS TRIBUNE HAS FAILED US." also you can read this Letter to the Tacoma Weekly from Tacoma mayoral candidate Evelyn Lopez!

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