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posted Jan 29, 2013
Join the elite secret society of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians
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We begin this 300th Tacomic edition with the opening ritual of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians (The CLAW)...

[all rise...]

Q: What are robots?
A: Robots are cool!

[thumbs up]

A: Shoot'em inda head!

[thumbs down]

Q: ceci n'est pas une pipe
A: ceci n'est pas une pipe

[secret sign of the pipe]

[clap twice, turn around 3 times... be seated]


My fellow adamantium talons of the CLAW, friends of CLAW across the airwaves, CLAW cadets and Citizen fanbots! This is your new No. 2 speaking on behalf of my new capacity as 1 of 4 of the High CLAW Council of the Four Eyes... EYEBALL!
  • I pledge to boost enrollment of our ranks... in particular I'd like to reach out to lady cartoonists and lady illustrators in the community.  I will listen and report back suggestions for making our league more appealing to these market groups.
  • I pledge to really push hard for our much delayed 501c non profit status... EYEBALL!
  • I pledge to organize members to complete their member gallery about page with samples of portfolio work and basic minimum of contact information!
  • I pledge to promote our CLAW college art student scholarship program at every opportunity. This is a record setting year. I hope to match in the year to come! 
  • I pledge forward motion on our CLAW anthology self-published book!
  • I pledge honest feedback and portfolio reviews of work. Our skills must ever be sharpened... no talon left behind!
  • I pledge more life drawing! tutorial nights! movie riff nights!  challenges to other drawing/craft/activity groups!
  • I pledge more community power team ups! We have got some awesome cartoon strips going here, lets see if we can't get them into some publications around here!
  • I pledge to put the absurd back in Absurd Washingtonians... EYEBALL! 

May the power of the cosmos be with you! 

**end transmission***

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