DECLINE TO SIGN: Just Want Privacy Campaign | Initiative 1515

POOP Hate Won't Win; Washington Won't Discriminate
posted Jul 6, 2016
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Initiative-1515 would repeal our state’s Human Rights non-discrimination protections that like for 10 years have helped ensure our transgender family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors are treated fairly and equally under the law.  If you live your life as a woman, you can use the lady's toilet. If you live your life as a man, you can poop like a man in the men's room. I-1515 won’t make us safer, but it will encourage more discrimination and harassment of transgender people, and would create serious financial and legal consequences for our state’s economy, businesses, schools and taxpayers.  Do you want our state to be boycotted like those assholes in North CarolinaNO! Get out of my face with that crap. WAKE UP (TACOMA) NEWS BUFFOON!  Suppose i-1515 passed, how would it even be enforced?  Grand Poo Inquisitors that is how.

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