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Neighborhoods Terrorized by Corporate Litter For Real Yo
posted Jan 28, 2014
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Local business owner, you've seen ads in a newspaper but have you considered potential of ads without newspaper in a wet plastic bag?  Contact The [Tacoma] News Tribune for the deets.

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news tribune spam attack
RR: The Tacoma News Tribune has hired a small army of artists to drive through your neighborhood tossing bits of soggy paper stuffed into a small plastic 'scoop the poop' bag onto your property.  We are hoping to provoke an emotional response... how does it feel to have trash thrown at your home, all over your street? Do you like it? Who is going to pick it up? You? Maybe you just don't care anymore.  We invite you to explore these feelings here: "one man's trash is another man's aggressive marketing campaign"

TNT: Hi R.R., I'm not going to give you an emotional response, as you asked for. However, as a journalist and employee of The News Tribune (which, fyi, has not been called "Tacoma News Tribune" for a while now) I'm happy to ask you some objective questions:
  1. Do you actually subscribe to the print edition of the TNT? If so, thank you! You are keeping an objective, watchdogging, local media service in business.
  2. Is your delivery person actually dropping your paper onto your yard in the rain? Mine doesn't, but if yours does you can report them to circulation and fix things: rather than complaining to a city-wide listserv who can't help you.
  3. Do you realize the arts listserv is for folks promoting or discussing local arts events? The TNT isn't art. It's factual reporting. This is what distinguishes us from blogs, cartoonists, etc. Naomi Strom-Avila at the City would be happy to resend you the quarterly reminder about what the arts listserv is actually for.
  4. Do you have a dog? I do, and I find the plastic bags my paper comes in really useful: They protect the paper from the elements, then they help me tidy up after my dog. It's creative recycling, which I think you also do in your job.
  5. Did you make up that last tagline? If so, it's a good one, and you should consider it for your own trash-to-cash business, especially now you are paying rent at Tinkertopia.

RR: TNT lawyers have sent me take down notices for having a parody blog called "tacoma news tribune" also if you will observe the name of the TNT facebook page "Tacoma News Tribune"  so please excuse the universal confusion about The/Tacoma News Tribune.  Personally my favorite is

RR q1: I do not subscribe to print or online editions. I read the free online articles.  the material being thrown all over my street is all the ads and junkmail that normally gets rolled into my mailbox.

TNT: I can't answer for people delivering junk mail - I'm glad you're talking with circulation about it and I hope they help. But if you like, I'd also be happy to pick up free Tinkertopia samples, then start a Facebook campaign against the myriad email ads I get from you which litter my inbox. Or I could go on with my life.  I think you have the same choice.

RR q2: the tnt ad sales person has contacted me about unsubscribing from these 'litter attacks' however they keep appearing.  It's not complaining, i'm having fun using humor to bring outrage into focus for the community... something that is normally done with paid local newspaper staff cartoonists.

TNT: Sounded like a complaint to me. It also looked like a text email rather than a cartoon on your website, which is how we publish humorous outrage.

RR q3: Isn't the news just a form of entertainment?  Doesn't the TNT have on staff graphic designers, illustrators and art critics?  Shouldn't the news be presented in an artistic way?  If the TNT is doing something that makes people angry shouldn't the TNT have some sensory apparatus for detecting this anger rather than the seemingly blind steamrollering of unhappy feelings?

TNT: I'm not steamrollering – I'm repeating Naomi's and Amy's guidelines about using the listserv to promote arguments and complain about stuff. Re news as art: Of course we try to design well, but the basic function is news. that's why it's called The News Tribune, not The Art Tribune. Complaining about our circulation is fine, but to us – not to Tacoma citizens who don't want cluttered inboxes.

RR q4: Despite the noise complaints about our dog from our neighbors, we have never had or never will have a dog.  We like to maintain a poop free environment.

TNT: I find having a dog reduces my need to complain to the general public about inconveniences in my life.

RR q5: I have a good imagination :)  I wish our local newspaper was as creative with their marketing efforts :)

TNT: I, also, have a good imagination, so I can empathize with your situation. But I also have respect for other folks' online time, and a healthy dose of courtesy which prevents me from mounting Facebook bombing campaigns against local businesses. :)

RR: of course the advantage of my electronic messages of moral uplift, they do not float down stream and clog municipal storm drains with plastic...  :)

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