COMING SOON: Pierce County General Disservices Building

Why Not Downtown You Ding Bats?
posted Jan 21, 2015
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90 million tax dollars to build a consolidated Pierce County Services building atop a perfectly good (historical) hospital [fixer] instead of downtown near a transit hub where we have all this Urban Renewalâ„¢ green space totally free of any crumby hospitals!  OR build the office tower on top the freaking horrible North Park parking mono plaza ?  You could even put a green roof on top like they did the South Park Parking Plaza you know, the one with the failed IGA city grocer!  Why stick it all the way out in the tumbleweed backwaters of Lincoln District AKA Marty Campbell's dominion ?   HUMBUG! A conspiracy I say!  Maybe against bikini baristas?  Tacoma demands better. 


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