Click! Brand Cable TV, Internet Committing Social Suicide with Toxic Clear Channel Outdoor Billboard Blight

How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People
posted Jun 5, 2012
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Another dispatch from Billboard Monopoly Clear Channel Outdoor's war of terror campaign siege on the City of Tacoma; the latest news public-owned Peoples CLICK! Cable TV and Internet Network has recently signed a huge contract with Clear Channel to advertise shitty Clear-Channel-designed billboards (like the one pictured in this cartoon.. Hi Olivia Lippens! Trish and Mr. Trish!) for years specifically on the billboards marked as out of compliance and slated for removal pending ugly lawsuit court battle under the lie that is shitty falling-apart billboards nailed atop peoples houses or in their neighborhoods are constitutionally protected free speech and cannot be regulated by city billboard codes.  How much of your money is going into the pockets of an evil corporation that will turn around and use that money to pay lawyers to sue your ass?  Close to 100 thousand dollars.  That is a lot of filled potholes and library books.  Anyway I already have CLICK!  so these super-annoying billboards are a titanic waste of money... just my opinion.  

You should let CLICK! know how you feel on their facehole page--TELL 'EM LARGE MARGE SENT YOU!   Or Blog about how dumb CLICK! is example: Here and Here.  This town is filled with creative people with fresh ideas... and in the mind of CLICK! the best idea they have to compete with Komcast is billboards?  How fucking lame.  If I was T.C. Broadnax I would can the whole marketing department at CLICK!  maybe replace it with this one innovation dreamer:

You're already in the right ball-park CLICK!  You're getting warmer...

 Wake up!

previously on the tacomic:

by Erik on 6/5/2012 @ 1:48am
 An anti billboard blight masterpiece. Nice work.

This story can make even the most gleeful civic booster cynical....

“It’s disappointing,” said Councilman Ryan Mello. “I see it as ratepayers’ dollars going into the coffers of a corporation that will continue to bring blight to Tacoma and keep this city tied up in court.”

In Mello’s view, Click should have explored alternative advertising in the first place.

“That’s what Comcast does,” Mello said. “There are many cheaper and more strategic ways to advertise.”
Click officials couldn’t have been blind to the public fervor surrounding the billboards issue, Mello said.
“People packed the planning commission (meetings) and City Council
chambers for months about this issue,” he said. “(Click) obviously knew
how important this was to the city.”

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/5/2012 @ 5:26am
Maybe it's because it's 0530, or maybe because I had 4 hours sleep, but the tacomic today is kinda chaotic and hard to follow

by cisserosmiley on 6/5/2012 @ 7:20am
I also learn about Tacoma from click! I learned that Tacoma is confused and needs leadership!

by KevinFreitas on 6/5/2012 @ 7:21am
It's a total shame our local choice for cable TV and internet, Click, has chosen to spend our municipal dollars on a company that same municipality is in litigation with. I completely agree with Councilman Mello above that there are far better, alternate, creative ways to advertise on a local scale. Shame on them for turning a blind eye.

by fredo on 6/5/2012 @ 7:44am
In retrospect the decision by Click to use Clear Channel billboards for advertising was not a very good one, as Mello points out.

On the other hand, Councilman  Mello's decision to vote in favor of the Clear Channel setttlement offer wasn't a very good one either.

We can undo the damage that Click is doing to the city.

Can we ever undo the damage caused by the signed settlement offer?

That's unclear. 

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 8:03am
Agree with fredo..   
and Don't believe the lies!

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 8:05am
all the council people who signed the settlement agreement  have TONS of karma points to earn back. An extremely costly blunder.  Like Iraq. 

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 8:28am
see how the mountain and sunshine are sad that they're being blocked by a Click! billboard?   SNAP!

#fb funnies round up:

"Mike Plaid: After Pennywise the dancing clown gets done devouring your children he steals your money and delivers it to the feet of a clear channel executive, by using your own public cable service no less!"

"Judi Hyman: Don't be so fast to believe everything you see ... I think that Click! spent $90k with Clear Channel and not just on billboards. As Clear Channel holds the contracts for Sound Transit (I believe some of Pierce Transit too) for advertising. Maybe it's not a billboard problem and maybe it's that Clear Channel has too many contracts and now you have to use them in order to advertise. The other option is to not advertise at all."

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 8:53am
"Andrew Sorensen1:37 AMOf course, I'm all for local alternatives to the big competitors, but Click! really needs to get their act together (including their internet services). "

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 10:05am
John Idstrom commented on your link.John wrote: "Billboards. The finely-textured meat by-product of the advertising world."

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 12:51pm
interesting pro-business billboard perspective trickling in over here:

also see we can get an official CLICK! response

by cisserosmiley on 6/5/2012 @ 2:39pm
The TNT says billboards are efficient and affordable. They are correct. Here are some other efficient and affordable advertising ideas:
Sell your child's skin space for McDonalds to tattoo "I'm lovin it!" on to.
Stencil your business name on Jefferson park field with weed killer.
Ask Ed Troyer to wear a claw t-shirt during next murder tv interview.

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 2:54pm

"Patricia Lecy-Davis: Thanks RR, I don't often get referred to as "nice"! I'm really sick of seeing my face on those damned billboards! In fact it really put it into perspective just how many there are, and how many "crappy " ones there are. Yes I am officially weighing in to say, " Take them down"!Thanes just happy he finally got cartooned! Can we get a copy from you, or buy the original?"


"Patricia Lecy-Davis: Literally trying to figure out how to get OFF those billboards. I suppose it's time to speak up. There are so many and they are in serious poor shape. At the very least CLICK! Could use the lawsuit as a bargaining tool and demand that their ads ONLY go on billboards that are in compliance. Maybe losing money would kick them in the keister?!? (did I just say keister?)"


by Maria on 6/5/2012 @ 4:13pm
Interesting read from 2007 back when the council had clarified the billboard ordinance.

Ten years ago, the City of Tacoma adopted strict new rules limiting the size and placement of billboards. Nothing bigger than 300 square feet. Nothing closer than 250 feet to a residential area, church or school, historic district, playground or park.

More than two-thirds of the city’s billboards didn’t conform, but nothing happened right away. The billboard industry, which lobbied hard to block the limits, was given 10 years to bring the signs into compliance or remove them.

The deadline is Aug. 1.

But it doesn’t appear anything will happen then, either. Clear Channel Outdoor – the sole owner of billboards under the city’s jurisdiction – is gearing up for a legal battle similar to those waged by billboard owners throughout the country...

One more, at Exit133 from the same year:

by NineInchNachos on 6/5/2012 @ 6:30pm
A pox on all their houses.

by JesseHillFan on 6/5/2012 @ 7:08pm
Well it's not quite as bad as those nuisance illegal telemarketing scams but I agree this type of advertising is a nuisance.

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2012 @ 3:02pm
this cartoon is sold! Dropped off the original Tacomic pencil art to Patricia today at the grand opening of her Market on Market market inhabiting the warehouse space of her embellish/smooth+juicy building.  Cool venture, like a indoor farmers market! 

Even so, my friend Patricia said the Marketing head over at Click! called to express displeasure over the above comments (6/5/2012 @ 2:54pm) denouncing her face-branded CLICK! billboard on out of compliance billboards.

Making a difference!