Click! Brand Cable TV, Internet Committing Social Suicide with Toxic Clear Channel Outdoor Billboard Blight

How NOT to Win Friends and Influence People
posted Jun 5, 2012
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Another dispatch from Billboard Monopoly Clear Channel Outdoor's war of terror campaign siege on the City of Tacoma; the latest news public-owned Peoples CLICK! Cable TV and Internet Network has recently signed a huge contract with Clear Channel to advertise shitty Clear-Channel-designed billboards (like the one pictured in this cartoon.. Hi Olivia Lippens! Trish and Mr. Trish!) for years specifically on the billboards marked as out of compliance and slated for removal pending ugly lawsuit court battle under the lie that is shitty falling-apart billboards nailed atop peoples houses or in their neighborhoods are constitutionally protected free speech and cannot be regulated by city billboard codes.  How much of your money is going into the pockets of an evil corporation that will turn around and use that money to pay lawyers to sue your ass?  Close to 100 thousand dollars.  That is a lot of filled potholes and library books.  Anyway I already have CLICK!  so these super-annoying billboards are a titanic waste of money... just my opinion.  

You should let CLICK! know how you feel on their facehole page--TELL 'EM LARGE MARGE SENT YOU!   Or Blog about how dumb CLICK! is example: Here and Here.  This town is filled with creative people with fresh ideas... and in the mind of CLICK! the best idea they have to compete with Komcast is billboards?  How fucking lame.  If I was T.C. Broadnax I would can the whole marketing department at CLICK!  maybe replace it with this one innovation dreamer:

You're already in the right ball-park CLICK!  You're getting warmer...

 Wake up!

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