CLAW Artist Guild's 2018 Young Illustrators of the Future Art Student Scholarships!

Open for Applications Now!
posted Apr 24, 2018
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The CLAW Artist Guild is excited to announce our 2018 Student Scholarship! As part of our objective to support upcoming artists in the city of Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest, every year we offer a monetary scholarship (varies yearly $100-$900) to a student interested in learning the mystical art of sequential illustration.  The money provided is for art supplies—we know how expensive it is to make art! Funds for the scholarship are gathered in the year prior, and all funds gathered are bestowed on one talented applicant the CLAW chooses from those who submit. And it is potentially available to the student who best fills out this application. You must be currently enrolled in an institution or have confirmation of enrollment in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho. Yearly Application

Application must be postmarked or electronically received by midnight:  JUNE 1, 2018.