City of Tacoma's $50,000+ STING RAY Phone Hacking Machine!

Center for Open Policing VS. Public Records Request
posted Mar 6, 2017
tacoma, tacomic, City Attorney Elizabeth Pauli, Phil Mocek, Police Chief Ramsdell, STINGRAY, Sting Ray, FBI, Harris Corporation
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HARK!  DID YOU KNOW: City of Tacoma redacted a public record's request to protect a dumb corporate Non Disclosure Agreement just to make the FBI happy cost the city only $50,000.00 plus legal fees? Yes,  Read Full STING RAY PHONE HACKING Article by Candice Ruud/Kate Martin/Sean Robinson in the [Tacoma] News Tribune! Special thanks to our own personal friend Phil Mocek of Center for Open Policing for making this Tacomic cartoon funny possible! See more C.forO.P. on facebook here, follow PHIL along on twitter too.

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