Cheney Stadium Public Input Open House

with Design-Build Team: David Boner Associates LLC.
posted Mar 16, 2010
THE TACOMIC - Cheney Stadium Public Input Open House (cheney stadium, tacomic, tacoma)
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Thus so far there has been a tremendous fabric-saturating death-stink wafting over everything associated with the new Dick Cheney Memorial Baseball Stadium.  The common man wants to know why the highest bid design adhering the least to the prenuptial design specifications got picked in secret over cheaper, more attractive and more accurately-attuned-to- specification designs? The syphilis-ravaged hive brain of the Tacoma City Council colored itself part of the flaccid 'it's the thought that counts' economy during the spectacle of the public comment amendment. Now the dill-weed contractor's lobbyists are peeing their pants in hysterical fits over the revelation that yes, one of the warm bodies sitting in a city council chair was, in an alternate reality, employed as an architect. EVEN SO, you can put your troubled minds at rest knowing that somewhere some alien consciousness is listening to your deeply felt personal conviction.

Due to the highly secretive stadium design selection process, the stadium design appearing in this week's Tacomic was not revealed until just recently... a colleague briefly showed me pics on his cell phone and I had to struggle to recreate from memory. 

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 3/16/2010 @ 1:14am
Actually you might be onto something here. We could have a heck of a stadium if the Puyallup tribe got involved with this site. Sure there would be slot machines and all but a 24 hour a day sea food buffet can't be a bad thing. Couple that with cheap cigarettes and possibly discount booze and fireworks sales and I think we have a winner here, or bingo as they say.

by L.S.Erhardt on 3/16/2010 @ 1:17am
They'd better still have the statue of Ben Cheney in the new one. I always got a kick out of a dead man having the best seat in the house.

by NineInchNachos on 3/16/2010 @ 1:28am
Lincoln Totem

by marumaruyopparai on 3/16/2010 @ 6:12am
Interesting way to challenge questionable architectural design choices and criticize torture ala Cheney in one swing. They oughta contract you to work with the architect to make some cosmetic changes.

This is already inspiring in me some sports night theme ideas that would be great for marketing the place. Waterboarding night! A handful of lucky sports fans in attendance will be chosen at random to be waterboarded on the field for the entertainment of the rest of the crowd. Bring the kids!!

by fredo on 3/16/2010 @ 7:47am
When will the final designs be shown to the public for comment? The drawing shown in the News Tribune was from one elevation only and no other drawings were shown. The structure I saw wasn't worth any $28,000,000.00. It looked like a glorified Tuff Shed.

by Jesse on 3/16/2010 @ 7:49am
Are they going to build the concourse idea Boe had? Anyone? Anyone?

by NineInchNachos on 3/16/2010 @ 9:55am

by ixora on 3/16/2010 @ 10:02am
Just when everyone thought he would crash to the ground the nascent little elephant perked up his ears and flew! Inspirational! But I just wanna know... will there be enough parking? (wah wah wah waaah waaaaaah) Fine comic, as usual, Mr. RxR.

by morgan on 3/16/2010 @ 10:14am
Interesting comment #1! With the Tribe involved - the stadium could have been rebuilt over near Portland Ave casino. Then it would make more sense to expand the LINK streetcar down there. Call it a missed opportunity.

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 3/16/2010 @ 10:27am
I thought all the people going to Cheney parked for free at the Fred Meyer.

by Erik on 3/16/2010 @ 11:30am
This Tacomic is unbelievably wonky! There is more concentrated civic nuggets in these Tacomics than anywhere I know.

Since this design was barely rejected, I would classify this Tacomic in the "civic booster" genre Tacomic.

by NineInchNachos on 3/16/2010 @ 12:13pm
picked up by the TNT blog...

"Here's what we've been waiting for. Amid the dueling designs for the Cheney Stadium remodel, Tacoma artist provocateur R.R. Anderson has applied his unique abilities to the challenge. Here's a bold vision that won't be mistaken for a Gig Harbor dental office or 1962 World's Fair exhibit. Best of all, since it's constructed almost entirely of cedar planks, it can be built for a fraction of the cost and get LEED certification. A question remains: Shouldn't Mr. Anderson have disclosed his involvement in this design team when he applied to be on the City Council?"

by NineInchNachos on 3/16/2010 @ 12:18pm
Pacific Northwest with a Laugh Track...

by Nick on 3/16/2010 @ 12:23pm
Heh, wouldn't it be nice if owning a car was not so much of a requirement to go to Cheney stadium? It seriously has to be the most inaccessible/remote stadium I have ever seen (even worse than candlestick).

by NineInchNachos on 3/16/2010 @ 12:49pm
it has a bike path near by!

by NineInchNachos on 3/16/2010 @ 12:52pm
anyhow I still think this is the best design...

go tugs

by Erik on 3/16/2010 @ 1:32pm
Nice design. Who made it?

by russheaton on 3/16/2010 @ 4:15pm
I am just waiting to see Spiro Manthou's "Cheneyville" come to fruition. Not sure if the development will take the place of Foss HS, Heildleberg Park, Boy Scouts of America or Metro Parks. Wait there is all that property across highway 16 or Snake Lake on the other side of Stevens. Fred Meyer on the other side of 19th still has plenty of potential.
With the amount of money they are going to put into this stadium should have located in a better spot.

by NineInchNachos on 3/24/2010 @ 1:00pm

"The City of Tacoma's Board of Ethics decided Monday to accept and investigate a formal complaint made against Councilman David Boe about his involvement with one of the losing bid teams competing for the Cheney Stadium renovation project.

David BoeThe complaint -- filed by John Hathaway, online publisher of The New Takhoman -- stems from Boe's eleventh hour disclosure of his involvement with Wade Perrow Construction, one of three design-build teams that competed for the city public works project"

by NineInchNachos on 6/10/2010 @ 12:48pm
"Tacoma City Councilman David Boe’s private architectural firm draws nearly half its income from working with a local construction company that he helped to bid for a city contract to revamp Cheney Stadium just before joining the council earlier this year.

In fact, when business was slow in early 2009, Gig Harbor-based Wade Perrow Construction gave work it “did not strictly need” to Boe’s firm “in order to help out Mr. Boe and allow him to pay his staff,” a city report says.

When Perrow came to Boe earlier this year needing quick design revisions on its ballpark bid, Boe “felt he really could not say no,” according to the report."

Read more:

by NineInchNachos on 4/17/2011 @ 5:42pm
With the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Rainiers set to celebrate Opening Day at a newly renovated Cheney Stadium tonight, a behind-the-scenes -- if disparaging -- email discussion among key city and team officials late last month has emerged courtesy of the state's public records act.

In the email thread, Steve Patterson, a consultant for the Rainiers -- the minor-league tenant of the city-owned ballpark that's set to host its first game tonight after $30 million of improvements -- blasts Councilman David Boe for "secretly misus(ing) his public position to line his own private pockets."

Read more:

by fredo on 4/17/2011 @ 8:33pm
The city can't provide sustainable road surfaces, but by golly we can sure sustain our habit of entering into complex construction contracts, HUD lending schemes, leasebacks, giveaways all financed by general obligation bonds. Mayor Strickland is certainly cementing her wonderful legacy.

by NineInchNachos on 4/28/2011 @ 4:56pm
State auditors will review the publicly-bid renovations at city-owned Cheney Stadium to find out if the project has met state bidding laws, a spokeswoman for Washington Auditor Brian Sonntag said this week.

Read more:

by NineInchNachos on 4/29/2011 @ 8:18am
clues from an anonymous tipster.... ?

did you know the architect firm for the new Cheney stadium design also did the Tollefson Plaza Triangle Square AND the Convention center?