Boeing 737 Max 8 Discount Sale for Xmas!

posted Dec 17, 2019
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The Boeing Company just announced that it is suspending production of it's best selling airplane the Boeing 737 Max 8 because of a small technical glitch which wrestles control away from the human pilots and slams the jumbo jet into a kamikaze nose dive flying the plane into the ground killing in all told 346 people (one death being Ralph Nader's grandniece). This is a huge image and trust problem for Boeing as most air travelers do not want a plane that will automatically fly into the ground on purpose. Meanwhile the other 737 jets are turning up with cracking fan blades that will fly off and kill people sitting inside the plane too.

IN CONCLUSION: the FAA was letting Boeing approve itself for safety and this turns out to not be very good system. Everyone should stop flying in jets because of climate change anyway. Don't Fly!

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