Black Lives Matter to Seattle Police Department?

Say Her Name: Charleena Lyles
posted Jun 21, 2017
tacoma, tacomic, seattle police department, Charleena Lyles, Black Lives Matter, reform the SPD
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TACOMIC GOES TO SEATTLE! This is a cartoon (above) highlighting the tragic tale of, yet again, a Person Of Color (POC) calling the police and ending up shot to death by the professionals paid to protect and serve.  Hey Seattle Police Department, you've got "BORN TO KILL" written on your hat and you wear a peace button, what is that supposed to be a sick joke?  Huh?  You think you're trying to suggest something about the duality of man? Don't you love your country? Blah.  Hey look! World's Largest Rubber Duck in Tacoma!

save you a click...

  1. Remain calm, always
  2. Seek to disengage and end the encounter
  3. Film police

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