The Anders Ibsen Fifteen

Who Will Anders Ibsen Regenerate Into?
posted Dec 17, 2013
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Ex Pierce County Council-member Tim Farrell writes: "Kinda curious to see who Anders Ibsen regenerates into on Tuesday..."   A Doctor Who reference that needed to be illustrated by THE TACOMIC COMPANION READER™ in the form of a play-at-home bingo score card!  TUNE IN during TV Tacoma live broadcast and cross off the people who have no chance of taking Anders' seat-warming position.

TNT has a nice summary:

  1. Joseph Atkinson, a legislative aide in the state House who ran against Ibsen in the 2011 primary election for the District 1 seat.
  2. Denis Duggan Sr., a retired Boeing engineer .
  3. Foster Gibble, a former vice president and general manager of a multi-state manufacturing company and a board member at REACH Ministries.
  4. Chris Green, the vice president of the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County.
  5. Sergio Hernandez, an instructor at Tacoma Community College.
  6. Nathe Lawver, a labor liaison who was chairman of Pierce County Democrats for four years.
  7. Joseph Lopez, an attorney in Seattle who served on the city’s Board of Ethics.
  8. Spiro Manthou, who was twice elected councilman of District 1 and is now a manager at Pierce Transit.
  9. Philip Miller, owner of a business that assists mortgage companies and banks.
  10. Marion “Morf” Morford, an instructor at Bates and Clover Park technical colleges and a News Tribune guest columnist
  11. Harold Moss, a former Tacoma mayor and Pierce County councilman.
  12. Kurt Olson, a terminal operator at U.S. Oil & Refining and former volunteer for Safe Streets.
  13. Jordan Rash, vice chairman of the North End Neighborhood Council and conservation director of Forterra. Rash is Ibsen’s preferred candidate.
  14. Karen Smitherman, a longtime teacher and administrator who Ibsen defeated in the 2011 general election for the District 1 council seat.
  15. Joseph Zawacki, owner of a lamp business and member of the Foss Waterway Development Authority board.

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