Anders Iben's "THE ROAD" to Save CLICK!

(the not all-in options)
posted Feb 7, 2018
tacoma, tacomic, click!, save click, TPU, Anders Ibsen, Comcast SUCKS
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GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVER!  Your UP ALL NITE cartooning pal, Commander RR here with a blistering new #TACOMICTUESDAY political cartoon funnie!  HERE we chronicle the tragic account of the latest CLICK! network status update. IN SUMMARY, the dingdongs over at TPU or whatever are suing the City of Tacoma because the ALL-IN option would use TPU money and oh no that would be bad. They say it is illegal to use municipal utility money to keep paying for municipal fiber optic cable broadband.  The conspirators would be much happier selling out to Comcast or some shit.  SEE ALSO: Tacomic News Tribune part II and Part 1

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