All Aboard the Keith Blocker Express

Tacoma Election Coverage 2015
posted Oct 7, 2015
Tacoma, Tacomic, Keith Blocker, City Council District 3 race, 2015
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To all my neighbors in Tacoma City Council District 3, I want to thank you all for your vote in the primary and the encouragement to not give up. While I am disappointed in not advancing to the general election by just a handful of votes, it’s now time we focus our attention on the choices before you this November. I am voting for Keith Blocker for Tacoma City Council and encourage you to do the same. I have no doubt that he is the clear choice in this race. He and his wife live just two blocks away from me in Hilltop and they are good people, leaders in the community and will be a strong voice for our shared values. Blocker will be that positive change we all need, so please join me in voting for him for City Council."

Suppose we should probably endorse Keith Blocker too. Pretty cool dude.

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