After School Satan in Tacoma

Happy Holidays from the Tacomic 2016
posted Dec 21, 2016
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GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVERS!  A very special seasons fleecings cartoon for 2016 with representatives of JHVH1 "God", 2nd appearance of 3000 Year Old Warrior God Ramtha, and now our own Tacoma-based After School Satanists!  We turn to ASK AN ATHEIST with Sam Mulvey radio program for a detailed account of this event...


Today, I sat inside of Point Defiance Elementary School with students, parents, concerned citizens, and representatives of The Satanic Temple to talk about the Satanists’ new after-school program, “After School Satan.” Sure, the fun may have been outside; complete with bagpipes, carted-in concern, and enough microwave trucks to instantly cook a very sad Holiday meal, but I’m content to watch that online.

The fact is that Tacoma was one of the first cities announced by The Satanic Temple and now we need to see the wholesale spectacle become a retail educational program. So rather than stay with the media circus, I went into the meeting itself. Media wasn’t allowed, but I thought I had good reason to go even if I counted as ‘Media’: I’m a Tacoman and thus have a tax-payer angle, I’m a local community activist nominally allied with the Satanists, and Becky– a highly regarded educator– wanted to make sure the program was on sound pedagogical footing.

If I had to describe the overall feel of the room while the event was going on, I’d describe it as a convergence zone of cognitive dissonance. The Satanic Temple contingent had to keep the obvious political posturing at bay while spinning this up as a positive educational experience. The parents had to balance their concerns about the future of secular education with their fears of their children being targeted by the ideologically blinded. The Christians had to balance their war with the Adversary against their growing knowledge that there were no actual adversaries in the room. Becky and I were continually divided between our desires to passively observe or to dive in and help where we could. Everyone was cordial, open, communicative, and continually terrified that something might go wrong at any moment. The counter tops were low, everything was labeled with marker, and it was one of the most understatedly intense rooms I’ve been in for some time.

But enough about the emotional landscape, let’s get to the details. The educators provided by The Satanic Temple were Lilith Starr, head of the local chapter, Vapula Lix and Violet Black, who were assisting, and Erin Botello, who appeared to be the main educational resource for Tacoma’s After School Satan implementation. There was no lack of documentation: they had the usual Satanic Temple pamphlets and statements of belief, their coloring books, and an eyes-only copy of their working curriculum.



Meanwhist coverage of Satanists via The News Tribune, KOMO, KING 5 !