Adventure Time with Matt Driscoll: Lady or Volcano?

Thrilling Hyper-local Cliffhanger!
posted Feb 28, 2012
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With the torch of intensity, and the sword of justice our brave adventurer Matt Driscoll comes to a fork in the road of life...  BUT FIRST some backstory.   Matt Driscoll our friendly neighborhood editor of the Weekly Volcano alternative-in-name-only (AINO) alternative entertainment newspaper is married to a hyper-intelligent 7 foot tall Botticelli painting who has just been given several golden tickets out of this super-fund cleanup site courtesy of Rutgers, UPenn, and UW political science PHD programs... putting aside UW for a moment let's pretend she picks one of the more insanely awesome schools back East (you can follow along on facebook it is better than TV)?   My first reaction was "WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE VOLCANO RADIO PODCAST WITHOUT MATT DRISCOLL?"   Real-time fates suspended in the balance and stuff! 

Even so, I was all drawing and a simple concept sketch sparked a huge hour long debate with my own committed life partner.  "What are WE doing with our lives that is so important? Why not art?! Why not education!? What is it to settle?"

If hard work paid off and an opportunity presented itself what would YOU do? 

Tacomic Art Show 2.0

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 2:36am
maybe it was all just an excuse to draw that jaw line?   I guess the world will never know. 

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 2:52am

by troysworktable on 2/28/2012 @ 5:20am
Finn Driscoll.  I love it!

by cisserosmiley on 2/28/2012 @ 6:36am
...but the volcano is the number one printed on paper guide to cheap booze and sex in parking lots...

by CaptainBritton on 2/28/2012 @ 8:56am
The Volcano looks like the Ice King!!!

by CaptainBritton on 2/28/2012 @ 9:07am
But to answer the question, If my fairy cool-father dropped in and gave me chance to turn around all our stinkin' lives, I'd have to take it, but I don't think I'd ever go back to school at this point, and seeing as how we are totally stuck here until new people start buying our houses from under us, I won't hold my breath for the fairy cool-father.

However if my beautiful wife decides to buy an airstream trailer painted like the Americar, then, later all y'all suckers! We'll hit the road! But Tacoma seems like it's stuck with me as long as I'm stuck with her. I'm sure as sh#t not going to move to Seattle...Some peach-eating country life from that Canned Heat song maybe, but not another city.

I can do everything I want to do as an artist in Tacoma, or in an airstream, probably even a prison (though my cell would look like that crazy dude's cell in the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull movie) so whatever. Good discussion, and a fun comic, sir.

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 9:32am
Thanks Captain!

by cisserosmiley on 2/28/2012 @ 10:01am
I have for many years done whatever I has left me poor of coin and rich of heart. I feel sad for folks that like shiny things and who talk loudly. I will move to Norway next year because I don't fit in 'Merica.

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 10:12am

by Jesse on 2/28/2012 @ 10:27am
@cisseo: cheers! Good luck! Wish i had the moxie to do something like that! I fear if i ever visit Europe I'd never want to come back.

by cisserosmiley on 2/28/2012 @ 10:28am

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 10:35am
What are you guys going to do in Norway?

by cisserosmiley on 2/28/2012 @ 10:51am
I will work at my friends taco stand, if we can't make it we'll move to Bangkok where I used to live and be teachers. I dont think Smeall will like either place, but we will try.

by thriceallamerican on 2/28/2012 @ 11:24am
I really hope that the taco stand contains some sort of play-on-words involving "takk", which in one spelling or another means "thank you" in the Scandinavian languages...
I personally dream of moving to Iceland and opening "Taco Fyrir".

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 11:30am

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 11:33am
not sure the Tacomic endorses any of those scandinavian countries.  Have you considered a micronation or utopian colony ? 

by cisserosmiley on 2/28/2012 @ 11:45am
I thought I was in a utopian colony but the guy who keeps peein in my alley put a damper on that fantasy.

by thriceallamerican on 2/28/2012 @ 11:46am
Aw c'mon, Iceland is in the process of rewriting their constitution ON THE INTERNET via crowdsourcing. How badass is that. Plus it's sort of like the Alaska of Europe so that should appeal to you.

Norway is swimming in oil money but it's ok in my book since my ancestors used to hold it down in the valley country north of Oslo.

by Matt Driscoll on 2/28/2012 @ 11:54am
We're honored, RR. Or something.

Tacoma really shouldn't worry about us - we'll be fine. 

by Matt Driscoll on 2/28/2012 @ 11:55am
Is my wife wearing pants?

by Matt Driscoll on 2/28/2012 @ 12:00pm
You know what happened to the last guy that cartooned my wife without pants ...

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 12:09pm
Hi Matt!   

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 12:10pm
Jamie is right,  #occupyiceland ! 

by cisserosmiley on 2/28/2012 @ 12:16pm
Iceland is cool, I read a magazine piece once that outlined the entire country gave up fishing and became investment banker hedge fund investors a few years back. In the aftermath it was common to firebomb your own luxury car because the only money left was insurance...and fishing...It really does make me want to go there.

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 12:21pm
what is not to love about firebombing luxury cars ? 

by cisserosmiley on 2/28/2012 @ 12:29pm
I hope the new Internet constitution doesn't prohibit insider trading

by NineInchNachos on 2/28/2012 @ 12:41pm
he he!/mattsdriscoll/status/1745...

by scubiedoo on 2/28/2012 @ 7:08pm

by low bar on 2/28/2012 @ 9:51pm
you don't have to move back east to stop publishing the volcano. you could just stay here and do that for obvious reasons. but don't take my word for it, just observe the unbuzzworthyness.

by NineInchNachos on 3/22/2012 @ 4:48pm
Matt has left the volcano.

this is funny:

"I'd also like the thank Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, the Jet City Fix, the Goldfish Tavern, the Day Brothers, well drinks, hot tubs, the Planet Hot Rod, Flash, Pho King, shuffleboard at the BroHo, Bon Von Wheelie and Girl Trouble, Mark and Chelsea Lindquist, Pao's Donuts, the Tacoma Rainiers (especially Mike Carp last year), mud wrestling at Neener's back in the day, the Evergreen State College, Who Cares, KBTC 91.7FM "Classical Rock," Splendid Vengeance, John Larson's WSU hat,, Jeff Angell, Cloverleaf Pizza, Matt Youngmark and Jeff Daniels, Lisa Gunter, my sister, the three guys that jumped me by the Tacoma Mall bus station back in the day, BBCs from MSM, Rockin' Rod, Vicci Martinez, Hot Pants Deb Michael (wherever you may be), Jason McKibbin, Robert "the Traveller" Hill, Joe Rosati's Charles Grodin impression, Justin Peterson's beard, Teddy Haggarty's sketches, Tim Farrell's bees, Stadium Thriftway, Canadian bacon sandwiches from Spud's, Edgemont Junior High and - last, but certainly not least - my loving and extremely understanding wife and family.

Though I look forward to what the future brings, I will miss being part of the Volcano.


Matt Driscoll"

by NineInchNachos on 3/22/2012 @ 5:04pm
Matt Driscoll has made his choice, and the choice is... ADVENTURE!!!!