Adventure Time with Matt Driscoll: Lady or Volcano?

Thrilling Hyper-local Cliffhanger!
posted Feb 28, 2012
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With the torch of intensity, and the sword of justice our brave adventurer Matt Driscoll comes to a fork in the road of life...  BUT FIRST some backstory.   Matt Driscoll our friendly neighborhood editor of the Weekly Volcano alternative-in-name-only (AINO) alternative entertainment newspaper is married to a hyper-intelligent 7 foot tall Botticelli painting who has just been given several golden tickets out of this super-fund cleanup site courtesy of Rutgers, UPenn, and UW political science PHD programs... putting aside UW for a moment let's pretend she picks one of the more insanely awesome schools back East (you can follow along on facebook it is better than TV)?   My first reaction was "WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE VOLCANO RADIO PODCAST WITHOUT MATT DRISCOLL?"   Real-time fates suspended in the balance and stuff! 

Even so, I was all drawing and a simple concept sketch sparked a huge hour long debate with my own committed life partner.  "What are WE doing with our lives that is so important? Why not art?! Why not education!? What is it to settle?"

If hard work paid off and an opportunity presented itself what would YOU do? 

Tacomic Art Show 2.0

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