8/7/07 - Constitutions Blights Matter

posted Aug 7, 2007
THE TACOMIC - 8/7/07 - <span style=Constitutions Blights Matter ()" title="THE TACOMIC - 8/7/07 - Constitutions Blights Matter ()" />
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by Erik on 8/7/2007 @ 10:07am
Thats pretty cool looking. Wow. I just wish I was able to understand the meaning of it. It looks like a scene from the movie Scanners.

I recognize the HFW symbol..

Is that Woman with the HFW tutle supposed to be Ms. Darcy?

Did the guy with an axe chop a hole in your head and the stuff coming out is bringing light into the world?

by jenyum on 8/7/2007 @ 10:13am
Just my interpretation:

The woman is the "You'll Like Tacoma" goddess from earlier Tacomics. The Holistic Forge Works turtle is flying her away to safety from the marauding Clear Channel giant, which has caused RR's head to explode.

by NineInchNachos on 8/7/2007 @ 11:56am
other notable links with regards to this matter:

Call for Liberation of Tacoma
Calling All Billboard Liberators!
Robert "The Traveler" Hill pirate Campaign
Contacting Clear Channel
Behind The Scenes @ HFW Political Cartooning Workshop

Clear Channel Mass Hypnosis

Behind the Scenes Political Cartooning

by NineInchNachos on 8/7/2007 @ 12:21pm
Also! How can we forget the interesting conversation happening here:

Death to Clear Channel

by Erik on 8/7/2007 @ 7:13pm
This is really the pinnacle work of Tacomic. Great job. In color too. You must have spent hours at HFW to create it.

As for the interpretation, its still not all clear. Yet, I can't believe I missed the YLT goddess reference. Oh well.

by NineInchNachos on 8/8/2007 @ 11:53am
More Constitutions Links!

by NineInchNachos on 9/10/2007 @ 12:41pm
more links!

by andrewbacon on 9/10/2007 @ 1:13pm
Julie Anderson, City Council member, responds to the Tahoma Organizer's open letter here.

by NineInchNachos on 9/10/2007 @ 3:31pm
so I have an idea for the programmers in the audience...

create a webpage that calculates the daily running total of fines Clear Channel as accumulated since deadline of AUG 1st. the city has agreed not to fine CC until court ruling, but that is bull crap. Let's see what they OWE!

so you'd need to know the fine $ amount per sign, times the number of signs out of compliance then add to that number daily.

also create copy/paste javascript code that lets people add that functionality to their own websites... ?

by KevinFreitas on 9/10/2007 @ 3:48pm
Anyone know how much per sign and how many? I could certainly hook this up.

by NineInchNachos on 9/10/2007 @ 3:55pm
talk to Niki Sulivan!!

by Erik on 9/10/2007 @ 4:14pm
I will look at the agreed order tonight. It may be that the fines still accumulate but that they are not enforceable/collectable while the lawsuit is pending.

by NineInchNachos on 4/13/2009 @ 12:30pm
"Outdoor advertising is, of course, a business and as such would ordinarily have a strong case against inroads on its domain. However, there is a very real question whether it has title to its domain. Outdoor advertising is peddling a commodity it does not own and without the owner’s permission: your field of vision. Possibly you have never thought to consider your rights in the matter. Nations put the utmost importance on unintentional violations of their air space. The individual’s air space is intentionally violated by billboards every day of the year."

by thriceallamerican on 4/13/2009 @ 1:03pm
Stop reading Kottke and get back to work, NiN! ;-)

by L.S.Erhardt on 4/13/2009 @ 2:03pm

If Sao Paulo (which is the size of NYC) can ban billboards, anyone can do it.

Or are we afraid of what we'll find? In Sao Paulo they found sweatshops full of illegals hidden behind billboards that once covered buildings. They also found slums that had escaped most people's radars... again, obstructed behind billboards.

by Erik on 4/13/2009 @ 3:04pm
Yes, a city can an billboards. Yet, it is a bit more complex when a city has pre-existing billboards.

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 10:03pm
thanks for keeping on top this exit133!


by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 10:11pm
This just in:

The only company allowed to place digital billboards is Clear Channel. The reason? In order to get a permit to place a digital billboard you need to agree to tear down a certain number of non conforming (illegal) billboards.

Doesn't that seem a bit immoral to anyone else? The company that violated Tacomas billboard laws for so many years and never paid it's fines gets rewarded for doing so by being given an exclusive agreement to place the digital billboards.

I say, if we are going to allow digital billboards then allow Tacomans to enter a lottery to get the right to place a digital billboard.

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 10:40pm
it's a crime against humanity. Mayor Strickland stands up for corporation's rights.

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 10:41pm
Just put up your digital billboard as an act of civil disobedience... just like how Morgan keeps using the sidewalk for his cafe.

by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 10:46pm
Nachos-agree completely

Isn't there an attorney who will challenge this attempt by the city to provide a lucrative monopoly to the Clear Channel Company? This "settlement" really hasn't been vetted with the city's voters. How do we know they will accept digital billboards in place of the traditional billboards? Was this part of the Mayors election campaign. I don't remember that it was part of her platform. Come on mayor strickland...grow a spine.

by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 10:50pm
OK, what if the item mounted on the top of a building isn't a billboard, but is merely a digital television? I plan to start beaming Tacomics 24 hours a day from this television. They will have to pry the remote from my cold dead hands.

by NineInchNachos on 1/31/2011 @ 10:56pm
more people like you should put televisions atop their houses.

by fredo on 1/31/2011 @ 11:13pm
What would prevent someone from standing on a street corner waving a digital sign just like the guys from Little Ceasars Pizza?
I'll bet a pretty buff guy could hang a 40 inch screen from his neck. After all...constitutions matter.