4/24/07 - Mysterious Safe Contents Revealed

posted Apr 24, 2007
THE TACOMIC - 4/24/07 - Mysterious Safe Contents Revealed ()
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4/24 - Antique safe finally cracked open, TNT

4/20 - Benevolent and protective secrets?, TNT

4/19 - Mystery of the Antique Safe Solved, Exit133

4/17 - Immovable vault found in street, Seattle PI

4/16 - Police Looking For Owner Of Safe Found On Tacoma Street, KIRO TV

4/16 - Police have one for Nancy Drew, TNT

by NineInchNachos on 4/24/2007 @ 9:06am
When I wrote "Nico" what I really meant was "Neko" (thanks Todd!) I suppose what i'm trying to say is that mistakes were made.

by Erik on 4/24/2007 @ 9:04pm
That's a fun one.

I see you have gone from attempting to convey the meaning of the cartoon from a subtly to browbeating the reader over the head (a bit) with it. A necessary change I am afraid for your readers to "get it." Yet, I am going to guess it caused you some pain.

The angle of the table and font gave the drawing some class.

Question : as you progressed from item to item, were you tempted to end with an edgy almost over the edge item to end the list with a bang?

(Looks like you are going to have quite a collection at your art show.)

(Cross posted at Exit 133)

by NineInchNachos on 4/24/2007 @ 10:22pm
Howdy Erik,
This is a rare instance of browbeating.

The items came to me in a stream of consciousness... also they had to be quick one liners on account of me running out of room on the paper. I think the funnier items also happen to be the subtler items (goatee). They make a quirky contrast to the more predictable "filler" items... like the condos and to some degree the eye.

I also had fun drawing the Urn... that was my Edward Gorey tribute.

The only item that was drawn out of hatred was the bottled Aroma demon. I believe this is justified. Any reasonable person SHOULD be furious when his/her atmosphere tastes like ass.

This is fun eh? Like the director's commentary on a DVD or something!

by KevinFreitas on 4/25/2007 @ 6:38am
I do enjoy the commentary. Anyone else have a question for the Tacomic artist?