by deeble interactive on 3/3/2009 @ 1:22pm
meh. you ripped off ALICE the GOON for your Talbert Caricature alice the talbert

by KevinFreitas on 3/3/2009 @ 5:07pm
Happy 2nd Birthday Tacomic!

by NineInchNachos on 3/3/2009 @ 8:59pm
Thanks Kevin. So yeah probably should have done something about the school bond thing... blah. maybe next time. Suppose migrant workers getting sick and shady contractor/city council member relationships just aren't on the radar right now. Sorry guys!

Post your next tacomic topic suggestions!

by Erik on 3/3/2009 @ 11:06pm
You piece was so over the top RR it almost works as a slam piece against the folks who want to keep the site abandoned and polluted forever and are protesting any clean up activity.

As endearing as a polluted arsenic laden site is, and certain to keep Tacoma and Ruston feeling gritty and largely avoided for a few more livetimes, I think cleaning up the perpetual wound in Tacoma and Ruston would be plus. Why not? We've tried the arsenic and polluted angle for like 100 years.

Here's a piece I wrote on it:

Full size:

by jenyum on 3/4/2009 @ 12:41am
Nice work RR. I'm sorry, I can't come up with anything deep to say about it tonight but I'm glad you're raising awareness of this issue.

by NineInchNachos on 3/4/2009 @ 11:07pm
hey they removed my comment with this cartoon from the TNT article! Friggin' hate the new comment nazi's at the TNT. FU TNT!

by NineInchNachos on 3/4/2009 @ 11:10pm
@ Tacoma Urbanist,

I agree wee need to build over the toxic waste dump known as point rustion smelter site.. I'd just like to see it done without the haliburton/immigrant-eating shenanigans

by Evil_Derek on 3/4/2009 @ 11:38pm
RR you really sad sack. get real fast.

by Erik on 3/5/2009 @ 1:23am
I agree wee need to build over the toxic waste dump known as point rustion smelter site..

Nah. That would take away the perpetual artistic angst this city thrives on as well as much of the arsenic riddled grit. copy.jpg

by NineInchNachos on 3/12/2009 @ 8:49pm
Oh happy day! First TACOMIC to be incorporated into socialist/pro-union literature!!


by AngelaJossy on 3/12/2009 @ 11:37pm
Check out this brunch invitation I got a few days ago (see below). Is it wrong to go out of curiosity if you know you can't afford to buy one?

See below:

We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us for an early morning brunch cruise on Friday, March 27th aboard our floating sales center, the Point Ruston. We will cruise past Point Ruston's waterfront property, while Managing Partner Mike Cohen gives a presentation on the construction progress at the northwest's premier waterfront community. During this cruise you will take in the sights of Point Ruston's beautiful surroundings, and rediscover our lovely showroom and design center. Fruit, pastries, coffee and tea will be provided.

The Details
When: Friday, March 27
- 8:30 a.m. We will begin boarding guests
- 9:00 a.m. Boat will promptly leave dock
- 11:30 a.m. Approximate time boat will return to dock
Where: 1199 Dock Street, Tacoma. Parking is limited.
Dress: Dress warm and wear flat-heeled shoes.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to see a truly one-of-a-kind community from the water, and personally view the progress on our first waterfront residence, Copperline Condominiums - with its first 22 condos scheduled to open for occupancy this fall.

Please RSVP to or call Jessica at 253.759.8400. Be sure to specify you will be attending the Brunch Cruise and let her know how many in your party will be attending.

We look forward to seeing you bright and early on Friday, March 27th!!

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 3/14/2009 @ 12:22am
Heck, Angela, I'll be there with my coat with the rubber pockets.

by NineInchNachos on 4/22/2009 @ 4:46pm
"During the course of the past year, the carpenters' union and Jobs with Justice have participated in protracted, ongoing and escalating threatening activities and spread fear about the environmental safety of our site," said Loren Cohen, manager of legal affairs for Point Ruston developer MC Construction Consultants. "There are no health and safety issues on our site. We're the most regulated site in Tacoma and never have we not been in compliance."

by greenfringegarden on 5/7/2009 @ 4:48pm
Hi KF. Thanks for letting me use your photograph on other project. I am introducing an organic gardening group in UP and I am looking for people interested in moderating who are organic/natural gardeners. I know people laugh when I say this but we thought UP was Tacoma when we moved here 4 years ago. I am commenting on this post because I believe responsible clean up is the only way to go. Recently at a Tilth Fundraiser I ran into one of the original environmentalists/architects of the plan developed with Asarco. I am now totally confused because the plan does seem to have changed. Our family has been threatened (in the past) for standing up and speaking out. We moved to this area 4 years ago to build a small business and become part of the community as we always liked Tacoma and in particular the Ruston area. We hope it keeps its hippy dippy rustic flavor. Low rent always seems to equal high rent in the end...

We were very naive about what was going on and all the controversy and frankly being so NWcentric did not do very much research. It has been quite a ride. UP is frankly too conservative for us so we are hoping to "Funk it UP" and Tacoma suits us just fine once you get past some of the in-fighting that goes on and the vestiges of old boyism...

We well remember the drips and drops of green slimey goo going under the Ruston tunnel. I regret not taking a tour of the plant but we did have creosote covered logs that came from there up in Seattle.

I am completely in favor of doing a proper clean up and protecting the health and safety of the community...AS well as making sure there is affordable housing. However what developers call affordable is not always affordable.

I am just very confused about what is being reported. We saw trucks in the summer blowing contaminated dirt all over the place and we like the idea there could be outside oversight.

I will admit I did go into a deep depression about finding out about arsenic on our property in UP. DEEP depression. Part of it was knowing I had to spend a shit load of money to fix it. Part of it was realizing what people go through when they have no power and no protection and no means to help themselves. My generation in my opinion has screwed up in so many ways and my 12 year old and the younger generation gets to bear the brunt of it.

When I started to hear about the Ruston news and the fact the trucks I saw should have been covered. I got a bit ticked off. Then the day after earth day my neighbor who works for Pierce County Environmental Services logged neighbor's trees that had eagles and herons roosting in them. Now my spouse has permanent heartburn. We appreciate the jokes, the rubber pockets and the cartoons.

by NineInchNachos on 5/13/2009 @ 12:38pm
Point Ruston developer Mike Cohen is either a fool or a visionary, I can’t tell. Either way, I’m sold.

“We just have to rely on our confidence and optimism,” he tells me over the phone.

by NineInchNachos on 6/8/2009 @ 10:10pm
Text Message from a Toxic-Waste Site
How do you build luxury condos on top of a Superfund site? Inside one of the most audacious, complicated, and controversial real-estate projects in the state.


Last week Seattle’s The Stranger magazine whipped up a rather long exposé on the Point Ruston condo development in Tacoma, titled Text Message From a Toxic Waste Site. The fact that the article squarely puts the fuction of the gated condominium community into the perspective that activists have been articulating for the past three or four years, is a victory. As their outsider perspective shows, the kinds of deals the City of Tacoma is making with rich developers are overwhelmingly fishy and one cannot help but side with the bearded activists who see through the shroud of dislocating capitalist development.

by dolly varden on 6/8/2009 @ 10:52pm
Glad to see you link to that Stranger article, RR, which I thought was pretty balanced and informative -- it wasn't a hit piece on the developer, but highlighted what have at best been some careless practices in Ruston's redevelopment. Weird not to see anyone mention it on any other news source or blog down here until now...

by NineInchNachos on 6/8/2009 @ 10:58pm
Point Ruston ads are carpet-bombing every media publication in Tacoma.

if you're a newspaper sailing through an economic crisis why upset a deep pocketed advertiser?

it's good to have the stranger.

by Erik on 6/8/2009 @ 11:02pm
Doesn't look like the claims are holding up much:

The carpenters' union declared a labor victory, but the YouTube video stripped them of some credibility, making claims that were never substantiated. The silhouetted workers complained that "something like acid comes out and all people get headaches," of "burning in the throat" from poisoning, and that "slag and thousands of tons of smoke have poisoned everything within a five-mile radius of the plant."

(Poisoned everything? That's just hyperbole.) I asked Jimmy Matta, of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, several times to substantiate those claims about acid and poisoning with a doctor, a witness, a document, anything and he did not. Rochlin, from the EPA, said that the headaches and burning throats were "inconsistent" with the chemicals at the site and speculated they could have been caused by diesel fumes.2

by NineInchNachos on 6/8/2009 @ 11:07pm
aren't the unions and the developer friends now that he agreed to hire them?

I get the feeling that you can't really trust anyone. Except for maybe Dan Savage

by NineInchNachos on 12/29/2011 @ 8:21pm
sold!  (to the developer I believe)  would you believe that?  Ha!

by low bar on 12/29/2011 @ 11:22pm
Arsenic fallout for 1000 sq miles in every direction??? Dude. Just build the condos, the whole fucking city has been glowing in the dark for years. Whats the point in stopping now? If for 1000 sq miles of Ruston, there's arsenic in the soil, then everyone's fucked anyways. Sure the condos will get built on a toxic poltergeist dump, but if that shit has been in the system for that long in that wide of a space without killing off everyone then how fucking lethal can it be? Doesn't that shit just decay after a while? And if concrete is used to contain radioactive dump sites then why can't you just pave over the arsenic, build the condos and sit back and watch no one move into them like the one's DT? The reason no one want's to live in them isn't going to be because of the arsenic. Hate to always kinda break it to you peeps. T-town's just a city that unless you were born in or around there, it just doesn't grow on you. Make the move to Portland if you just HAVE to live in a city that isn't Seattle:)