Unforeseen Consequences of I-1000

Now that's death with dignity!
posted Nov 18, 2008
THE TACOMIC - Unforeseen Consequences of I-1000 ()
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by izenmania on 11/18/2008 @ 8:15am
What use is dignity to a cartoonist, anyway? Your goal should be death with hilarity (and dismemberment with thought-provoking metaphor).

by Mofo from the Hood on 11/18/2008 @ 9:22am
What's with the people that promote legalism?

To say that one has a legal right is to say that one has a moral right.

Can a moral right be defended on the basis of materialism or naturalism?

by jenyum on 11/18/2008 @ 4:53pm
Is cartooning a terminal illness?

Can a painful personal decision be reduced to a theoretical online debate between bored feedtacoma posters?

Should terminally ill patients do themselves in by swatting themselves in the head with large philosophical tomes, (suggestion: The Brothers Karamozov) thus sparing their caregivers the possible legal repercussions of administering life ending medications?

Does law=morality? (hint: no) And where did Mofo get his law degree, anyway?

by NineInchNachos on 11/18/2008 @ 6:45pm
cartoonists are prisoners of culture.

And because the options presented though I-1000 are by all counts 'the wimpy way out' I would like to offer some suggestions put fourth by Mr. Maddox:

How to Kill Yourself like a Man.

my favorites:

1. "Strangle Yourself"
2. "headbut the sidewalk"

by Mofo from the Hood on 11/18/2008 @ 6:57pm
Nobody told me I needed a law degree to post blog comments. I'm really out of my depth here.

by NineInchNachos on 11/18/2008 @ 7:16pm
if you got to choose, how would you choose to kick the bucket mofo?

by Mofo from the Hood on 11/18/2008 @ 10:45pm
How would I choose to die with dignity? Oh man let's see, I could do it Japanese style; like say I'm a samurai food critic and I'm packin' french fries in my face as fast as I can, and then this really attractive couple (man & woman) at the next table wave the head waiter over and they tell him that I'm ruining their dining experience. Okay so now I've disgraced myself and the according to the samurai code I must do the honorable thing. So I reach inside my canvas karate-style dinner jacket for my In Case of Emergency Only hand-crafted and tempered Made in Japan hari-kari knife. I grasp the handle with both hands and raise it so that the point of the knife is directed to my solar plexis (just like the drawing from the training manual) and then I jam that cold shiny steel blade deep and yell out "Plato! you F-ing Socrates wanna -be!" and then my guts spill out on the floor.

by NineInchNachos on 11/19/2008 @ 6:45pm