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posted Dec 16, 2010
Scripting Cartoonist’s Atypical Titilation Subject
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I'm going to pretend that this wasn't an actual conversation and that Stowe's weird one isn't, in fact, Whoopie Goldberg in The Color Purple. Instead, I'd like to conduct an opinion poll. I'm the writer in this dynamic, comicing duo. Stowe, obviously, is the visual muscle. These roles, however, seem to blur from time to time or even switch much like our illustrated persona's this week.

With Stowe's many years of esteemed professional artistic experience (*cough* old *cough*!) comes writing experience. And he's good at it too. And although SCATS is certainly collaborative in spirit his drawing of the strip is often near the final word in what is posted for our fine fans. When re-writes appear the morning we publish, for the sake of harmony and staying productive at our day jobs, I often yield to all those years of experience (or, as Stowe put it tonight, "I was writing while you were still in diapers!"). Today's strip is a fine example of that.

My question, loyal readers, is for you to choose sides. The original script for today's script is below. Decide which you like better and sound off in the comments below or by hitting us up @SCATScomic on Twitter. And, if the people deem him the better writer I'll simply un-bottle my latent artistic ability, warm up that newly inherited Wacom (thanks Joseph!), and make some editorial changes of my own to upcoming strips.

Here's the script. You must choose. But choose wisely. ;)

K: It's mostly redheads or Brits on my list.
S: Who's your weird one?
K: I don't know what you're talking about.
S: C'mon, everyone has a weird one on their list!
K: Who's your weird one?
S: Whoopie Goldberg. The Color Purple. Mmm...
S: So who's yours?
K: I lied. Don't have one.
S: You can borrow Whoopie!
K: OK, but I'll take the less oppressed Star Trek version.


P.S. - And if, for the sake of harmony and whatever, you refuse to choose then you must tell the world your weird one! We already know SCATS Superfan Anna's.

by Joel 413 on 12/16/2010 @ 8:39am
I'm going to have to go with Stowe's script this week, Kev. Sometimes silence is golden in Comedy and the speechless pause is slightly better than Star Trek Whoopie.. I mean the hats she wore kind of killed it. And Wil Wheaton's sweaters killed anything at all from TNG....

by KevinFreitas on 12/16/2010 @ 9:24am
Haha, it's OK to be wrong Joel. I still love you. ;)

by smalltown on 12/16/2010 @ 9:29am
Why is Kevin wearing green underwear on top of his jeans?

by jamesstoweart on 12/16/2010 @ 9:30am
Those are the tails of his button down shirt untucked and poking out of his jacket.

by Mandiferous on 12/16/2010 @ 10:21am
Tough call. I'm pretty sure I was present for this conversation.

I like the dramatic pause Stowe added, but I think the Whoopie Goldberg confession would have been funnier coming from Stowe, not Kevin.

Since I guess I didn't really choose sides, I will confess that my "weird one" is Tom Waits. He is one sexy bastard.

by jamesstoweart on 12/16/2010 @ 10:35am
Firstly, I only switched us because I can't ever draw me as me and Kevin as Kevin... doing so would invalidate the psychics of the SCATS universe. The entire strip would implode.

Second...Tom Waits definitely has a mystique. He isn't a Weird One that you you need to feel ashamed about. He is a seriously cool dude.

Also Thirdly... I just realized that Smalltown Anna's little profile pic is either a 'sig heil' pose or a 'old superman cartoon' pose... either way both confuse me.

by L.S.Erhardt on 12/16/2010 @ 10:41am
It's fun to see the creators appear in their own work.

I happen to like Stowe's version. Silence is acceptance.

Furthermore, weird ones? I wouldn't call her weird, but I've liked Soleil Moon-Frye since back in the days of Punky Brewster.

by kaotix on 12/16/2010 @ 11:11am
Thank you smalltown! I'm glad i wasn't that only one who thought that. I'm guessing it's just the long shirt hanging down in the long shirt hanging front back...but my first thought was, why are Kevin's panties on over his pants not under?

by kaotix on 12/16/2010 @ 11:12am
*oh, thank you for clarifying Stowe

by The Jinxmedic on 12/16/2010 @ 11:19am
All the more reason why to TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT.

by Joel 413 on 12/16/2010 @ 11:27am
1) This becomes even funnier if you put the right voices with the right colored bubbles for some reason.

2) Soleil Moon-Frye Grew up to be HOT, that's not weird.

3) Do I have a weird one? I must... Hrm..

by daubermaus on 12/16/2010 @ 2:13pm
I find rewriting to be part of the drawing art process. If the artist doesn't get a voice you might as well use clip art....

by smalltown on 12/16/2010 @ 5:36pm
@Stowe It's out of frame, but there's a sign pointing at me that says "legend." It was worth an awesome pose.

by megan on 12/16/2010 @ 8:01pm
Okay, I've never before felt compelled to comment on anything on FeedTacoma until now, but I've created an account tonight because I found it absolutely imperative to:

1. Vote for the first, speechless pause version of the comic (sorry Kevin!), and, more importantly...

2. Affirm Mandiferous in naming Tom Waits as one sexy bastard. He's on my Weird One list, for sure.