SCATS really lives up to name this week

posted Nov 18, 2010
Shanghai Cobra’s Awesome Turd Showcase
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Thanks to everyone who came by for SCATS Sushi Night yesterday! We had a great time hanging out, chatting, telling our megafans all kinds of awesome secret tidbits, and awarding the winner of our quiz her prizes as Ultimate SCATS Superfan. That's right, Anna scored a whopping 8 out of 10 while even Stowe himself only managed to pinch out a 7. She was presented with a signed SCATS #1 print and she got to choose the scene for the next 12 strips that will start at next week! It was great fun and we truly thank our fans who came and hope to see everyone at our next meet-up.

That being said, it will not be a sushi-centered one. Sadly, my tuna-related sensitivity (fortunately not of the bowel kind as shown graphically above) still kicked in last night when eating some fried salmon rolls and I could only get through two. Though I didn't die and make the aforementioned signed print an instant collector's item I pretty much need to steer clear of the stuff going forward unless I can guarantee it's prepartion in complete isolation from anything tuna.

Check out the quiz below to see just how much of a SCATS megafan you are!



1. What is SCATS an acronym for?

2. What color talk bubbles represent what Kevin says and what Stowe says?

3. Who made it to the bartender first and how?

4. What are the only, non-alcoholic drinks in front of characters at the bar?

5. Use "butterface" in a sentence correctly.

6. How many scrubbing bubbles have been shown to date?
    A. 137     B. 246     C. 419     D. 1,184

7. Who doesn't think he pooped enough?

8. How many "jinx" (two characters saying the same thing at the same time) moments have there been in SCATS?

9. Which president doesn't get to drink?

10. What classic video game broke Hand's empty glass?

by The Jinxmedic on 11/18/2010 @ 8:39am
That's simply messed up. (so to speak).

by KevinFreitas on 11/18/2010 @ 11:33am
Hehe, yeah. But who's to deny God the right to deposit where ever he sees fit?

by Mandiferous on 11/18/2010 @ 1:47pm
It's the "poot" that really makes it. :-)

by Leischen on 11/18/2010 @ 4:15pm
Does God have a hairy butt? Funny, very funny.

PS, Stowe and Kevin...I changed my password, don't be trying to steal my comment space.

by KevinFreitas on 11/18/2010 @ 8:36pm
@Mandi -- Damn! And that's the one part I didn't write! ;)

@Leischen -- Is it "Leischen"?

by debivans on 11/19/2010 @ 2:40am
#1: See Creative Artists Talk Shit

by KevinFreitas on 11/19/2010 @ 6:38am
Hehe, love the audience participation acronyms! That's a goodie.