SCATS pays bartender insurance

posted Feb 10, 2011
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Fortunately, I've never been puking drunk. That's right. Never. A lot of experiences when going to college could probably compare though. It doesn't always take drunken benders to solidify that I got my money's worth and the life experience I needed in those four (*cough* plus a few) years. Here are alternatives I exposed myself to instead:

Band Trips
You've seen American Pie. You know what crazy kinds of things band people can be into. Well, that also wasn't me. But, even without students with flute fetishes or controlled substances, just the sheer time spent near one another (particularly in the close confines of tour buses) is enough to induce uninhibited, often hallucinogenic behaviour.

Asteroids Marathon
It was calling me. That old school, throwback Atari 2600 in my dorm room. We had choice few game cartridges on-hand but the one that taunted me most was Asteroids. Likely one of the earlier "shit keeps coming" games (Tetris being the original "shit keeps falling" game) I could think of no better trophy than a irreparably bent thumb from playing a 2 hour straight game mashing that one orange button over and over.

I swear they put something in the water there. Making people think it's fun to hang out on active volcanoes and talk about Pele and other ancient gods. When studying geology for a month there on said active volcano I went for a long hike by myself through one steaming crater within said active volcano. While my classmates tore off to party town for the weekend I strolled through, what turned out to be, a completely unmarked trail in a black and white, everything looks the same landscape shrouded by fog with no map and lacklustre protection from the elements. It was definitely a trip to experience that kind of sensory deprivation in a place where straying too far from a trail could mean bringing out all my best flavors by being steamed to perfection in an active volcanic fissure.

Think Before You Zinc
Despite no incidents involving alcohol I did run into a combo that sent the chunder flying. Zinc and Rice Krispies. In that order. One morning when I was in a hurry I took a couple vitamins before heading out to breakfast followed by class. I was running late otherwise I would've made a stop by my room after eating to take them. The thought was that if I couldn't already have food on my stomach then I'd just take them and get food on it right away. I soon found out by virtue of barely being able to keep breakfast in my mouth before making it to the bathrooms near the cafeteria that I was sorely mistaken.


by debivans on 2/11/2011 @ 12:57pm
I think everyone should be drafted into the service industry for a year. After that you all would tip and have a whole new perspective on that guy "filling your glass and handing it to you".

Be it serving, bartending, or in the back of the house, those in the industry have to check our egos at the door and then smile, smile, smile whether our cat died that day or not.

We are master multitaskers, babysitters, counselors, best friends, and state mandated drug dealers. At a lot of places your bartender is also your server and or chef/cook. We do appreciate your business but we are not doormats. Not to mention the hours! We are at work when you are off. I realize this is our choice, but realize it has some F-d up social implications.

Also, about dangling that tip carrot in front of me-just keep it. I will make my gratuities on any night, because I rock. Whenever some patron asks me "how much should I tip?" (insulting) I just say "your presence alone is a gratuity sir".

Signed-That guy who gets a glass pours a beer into it and then hands it to you.

Thank You! Please Come Again!

by thriceallamerican on 2/11/2011 @ 1:07pm
I was told by a bartender once that he had to carry insurance because if a drunk patron was killed or killed someone else, he could be held personally liable. (He was working in an establishment, but maybe it was some sort of contractor arrangement...however, he at least implied that this was true of all bartenders.) Insights, debivans?

by NineInchNachos on 2/11/2011 @ 1:18pm
Another form of bartender insurance is the smoking ban. :)

by debivans on 2/11/2011 @ 1:19pm
Technically, this is true about a bartender's liability. I have never heard of anyone carrying insurance for it though. What you should do is be professional and not overserve. Although, there will be times you do, it's just going to happen. When this occurs you make sure a friend can take him/her home, call a cab, or if you have to-tackle them in the parking lot. If you as a bartender got them in that state-it is your responsibility to make sure they do not get in a vehicle.

I'm sure some bartender has been prosecuted, but I have never heard of an actual case. It suppose would have to be a really, really bad situation reeking of some serious neglect. Another thought I have on the subject is: isn't the State of Washington ultimately responsible since they are the source? That's where all bars get their booze. Of course, people can get just as loaded on beer.

by fredo on 2/11/2011 @ 2:03pm
bartenders get lots of fun phone calls, listen in: