SCATS moves forward with Operation: Meta Smite

posted Feb 17, 2011
Super Computer Avoids Thoughtful Substance
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See? We do too have a story line. ;)

But seriously, computer upgrades bite (or byte, depending on how you look at the world). I used to be a fanatic about keeping my computer in its best physical and digital condition, upgrading every year or so. Driving forces for such a cycle can vary but, for me and most of my friends, it was purely to stay on pace with what horsepower the latest games needed. One fateful day a few years ago I finally decided this was to be no more!

And got an Xbox 360. So now, instead of the hardware coming to the games, the games came to the hardware. But that mostly meant my primary computer at home didn't need to be able to render an interactive masterpiece in 3D anymore. That box now really only needs to let me pull up webpages, my email/social media, and manage my photos. Simple stuff by comparison.

This inevitably keeps things cheaper on the computer front because instead of every year or so I can swap for new gear more like every four or five years. And what's cool about waiting so long? Everything seems so much faster/bigger and cheaper! With this latest hard drive purchase I bumped my storage capacity something like 2,500% -- which is handy for the 200,000+ photos I have on file. And, the best part, it only cost me $80.

Not sure what the moral of this all is to anyone especially folks who could care less about the guts of their computers. How 'bout... don't smoke and stay in school!


by NineInchNachos on 2/17/2011 @ 12:34pm
I need to try making one of those random comic cell SCATS zen generators.