SCATS loves Stan Shaw!

posted Oct 28, 2010
Support CLAW Aquiring “Tough-nut” Shaw
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The honorable and esteemed members of the Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians (or CLAW) do many things. Among them are embarking upon secret society super secret monthly meetings, have an open meeting each month to welcome friends and potential new members alike, gathering up donated funds to give to talented you as a scholarship to encourage further development of their art, producing, publishing and distributing a monthly pocket 'zine, and other local artistic endeavors. These are, however, all secondary concerns considering their primary goal of getting Stan Shaw to join CLAW!!!
This is no joke people. The man haunts the very souls of the thirteen current CLAW members and mocks their very existence by flirtatiously stalking the group from the fringe. He emerges from the shadows periodically as a reminder to CLAW that Stan Shaw is here (right freakin' here!) producing amazing work the likes of which would only enhance the portfolio and draw of the CLAW. Built like a warrior, a stealthy weapon of mass destruction, Shaw is hard to resist as friend when met in person. His nearly Urkle-like voice disarms your defenses and, just as swiftly as he comes, he disappears leaving anyone in his wake with a sense they were just stood up like a teenage girl on prom night.

Stan Shaw must join CLAW. It is written in the sacred texts and secret oaths. His destiny lies with the one true League of cartoonists who will bath him in acceptance and understanding of a talent that can only truly be recognized by those who wield pen or stylus as they do.

Or maybe he just thinks the CLAW guys are weird and it's just not his bag. But still, that's no matter to resist the grip of CLAW, Mr. Stan Shaw!

Oh, and once they get Stan Shaw you're next Gary Larson!




Dear Stan Shaw,

Join the Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians. As both a Washingtonian and a professional cartoonist it makes some sense that you would join a group dedicated to both of those things. Perhaps you are afraid of the absurdity. To that I say... the Stan Shaw I know is afraid of nothing! Also, it may behoove you to know that as a result of last nights CLAW Open Swim meet-up and drawing circle if you do not join the Cartoonist's League by the end of the year my position as an August and Founding member of Council of Four Eyes will be stripped from me at this year's 'secret' Great Yearly Ceremony. It is also been rumored that I could possibly even be the first member ever kicked out of the League. Now I am aware that you do not want either of those things to be your responsibility, so I urge you to join the League in an effort to prevent my demotion, shame and possible impeachment.

James (Esteemed #4) Stowe

P.S.: For those of you just coming here for a SCATS... I apologize. This public plea to Stan Shaw could be avoided. Also... Let Stan know that he should join CLAW. Write him at: or give him a call: 253.756.7303!

P.P.S: And yes that is Stan Shaw and Stan Shaw starring in this week's SCATS. Try not to think of it too hard. It involves time travel I think.

by NineInchNachos on 10/28/2010 @ 8:09am
EVERYBODY DRAW STAN SHAW DAY! post your STAN SHAW drawings in the comment thread below!

by morgan on 10/28/2010 @ 8:28am
Just do it Stan!

by marumaruyopparai on 11/1/2010 @ 6:53am
Those things have clearly become dangerous: organized, self-aware and attempting to establish urinal dominance.