SCATS issues an ungentlemenly challenge

posted Oct 7, 2010
Swedish Chef Advanced Temptation Speculation
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After hearing this story from Stowe for the second time we decided it had to be immortalized and tutorialized for the ages here in a SCATS. I first wrote this week's script based on my second hand knowledge which truly didn't cut the mustard. Somehow, without actually being there something was lost on me. Maybe I was being to proper or maybe I couldn't think of a punchline better than the topic itself but it just wasn't hitting a home run with either Stowe nor I.

I minced words a bit and attempted a somehow macho tone for the final frame but Stowe set me straight and made some revisions himself. His advice was to just lay it out there. Don't tiptoe around the "Swedish Chef" just tell it like it is. So there it is. But, to be fair, the only all-male college house I lived in was at a Lutheran private school with no Greek system. The guys I shared rent with were fantastic, don't get me wrong, but a "wild party" to us was playing a networked game of Unreal Tournament. I didn't even drink 'til I was 25 or so. C'mon!

I am, however, intrigued by the challenge and hope you are too. Sex can be a very serious, sacred gift between people. But I'd put my $.02 in to say that sometimes it's fun to laugh at yourselves too! So if you accidentally fall off the bed or poke your partner's eye with your nose or take Stowe up on his Swedish Chef challenge, drop your cool card once in a while when it comes to sex and just have fun!

Here's also is a tutorial video to help train you in the ways of singing like the Swedish Chef.


For the record... I was a drunken idiot in my 20's.
Also, I am not actually advocating any participation in the 'Swedish Chef Challenge' to anyone. My single documented attempt got me slapped.


by The Jinxmedic on 10/7/2010 @ 8:05am
"BORK!" is much better than "BORFFFF!"

by MarkMonlux on 10/7/2010 @ 8:48am
Yes, another cartoon brought into existence because of a CLAW Open Swim.

by jamesstoweart on 10/7/2010 @ 8:49am
I just realized that in this age of the internet, smartphones and Youtube the 'Swedish Chef' could get ugly really really fast.

by inbloodyrise on 10/7/2010 @ 9:28am
what do they say in the first frame, eh?

by jamesstoweart on 10/7/2010 @ 10:48am
I will not be beaten today in Recent Chatter by Recommendations to the Tacoma Parking Committee. I refuse. If I need to post gibberish with no posterity I will... oh I WILL!

by izenmania on 10/7/2010 @ 10:52am

Yellow (right): "We issued all kinds of challenges in that house back in the day."

Red (left): "Oh yeah? Like what?"

by jamesstoweart on 10/7/2010 @ 10:59am
Excellent work...

You get a SCAT's no prize... izenmania gets to pick the two new subjects of next week's SCATS!

by The Jinxmedic on 10/7/2010 @ 11:23am
Gee, all you had to do was to look at it in the "print" option...

by jamesstoweart on 10/7/2010 @ 11:26am
And yet... no SCATS no prize for The Jinxmedic.

by NineInchNachos on 10/7/2010 @ 11:47am
I am so tired of the immature potty humor coming from SCATS.

by The Jinxmedic on 10/7/2010 @ 11:54am
There was no mention of a prize. I'll just take my cut of that JayRay money. Ooops, wrong thread.

by jamesstoweart on 10/7/2010 @ 12:06pm
@NineInchNachos: Not all of us can draw politicians crappin'. And you better get used to it... cause I believe there are still 6 more in Series 2 before you get a new setting.

by NineInchNachos on 10/7/2010 @ 12:12pm
I feel so alone :(

by inbloodyrise on 10/14/2010 @ 12:51pm
thanks for teh internetz help.

have there been more miniature funny things in the comics all along that i have been missing by looking at the wrong size?