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posted Oct 21, 2010
Superheroes Canít Appreciate Televised Sports
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I've had this gripe for some time whether expressed or not. This week at The Red Hot, however, it was expressed. Loudy. The quarterback of one of the teams playing this particular Monday night (*cough* Vince Young *cough*) botched a snap early in the game and I hollered out pretty much what we wrote into the comic above. Seriously though, how much bloody money do these grown men get paid to not drop a ball? Even if I was a low paid player (hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, perhaps) and I'm handed the ball there's nothing I'd care more to do than hold onto that thing.

I know any society needs entertainment to satisfy the rabble but we may as well go back to Roman gladiator kinds of events because, though we're not putting people to death in front of a crowd, maybe we're just as off by how much money pro athletes get paid. I think I'd just like things spread a little more evenly down to professions like school teacher, police officer, cancer research scientist, and the like. Yeah, I know it's not as sexy but at least let's tally up the things someone has to actually do in a job and pay them accordingly: Hold onto ball. One. We can even add merit in there: Hold onto ball well and I wager we'd still have a tough time paying a football player more than someone who spreads knowledge to youth, keeps our streets safe, and discovers ways to strike down a deadly affliction.

OK, OK, that's one heck of a Utopian high horse for me to be up on, I understand. But wouldn't it be great incentive for football players if every time they fumble or miss a pass or get sacked they lost a little of their pay? They could earn it back, mind you, but I bet that would be some serious incentive to do better and at the very least earn a little more of their money.

And have I mentioned how much I like to get all up in arms about a subject that, really, I don't care that much about? Yeah, it's true. I can argue it as the arguments happening but it's nothing I'm going to lose any sleep over. It's just damn fun sometimes to get a rise out of people especially when oversimplifying something. I blame it on being the youngest. :)


by The Jinxmedic on 10/21/2010 @ 9:31am
Scrubbing Bubble gone bad! Aieeee!