SCATS found out about the Oscar nods

posted Jan 27, 2011
Smokey Can't Abort This Strip
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Oscar time is more like pop culture check-in time. Think about it. Some years you feel really cool 'cause you've seen more of the nominees for Best Picture than not. You try to passive aggressively flaunt it in front of your friends as a status symbol that says you're either childless and have a life, some extra cash on hand, and, oh yeah, superior taste or that you can't stand your spawn, ditch them whenever possible, and don't have any cash but rack up just that much more credit card debt seeing movies at non-matinee times because you don't know the meaning of the word "thrift".

This year I completely lack that blip of pride that someone, somewhere saw the same movies as me and decided they should be nominated for this award or that. No no, my only excuse for not having seen every film in every category of Oscar nominees as a single male with time to kill and disposable income is... well... I guess I don't have one. Oh, yeah, counter-culture and anti-hype. I'll do that! Yeah. That's the ticket. I didn't see all those movies because I didn't want to see them!

I'm too cool to squat away hours of my life and my hard earned money in a theater just to stare at a glowing screen with other cultureless zombies. No, I could be out in the real world seeing plays, taking guided, historic tree tours of a local park, and talking about foreign policy when dealing with South Korea and Iran at a local, fair trade coffee shop where I don't even drink coffee but instead tea and see the barista as a dreamer looking to one day start their own place but still I only tip them the minimum because my friend said their roast was slightly burnt and their pour didn't have the froth on top with that little leaf bullshit drawn into it.

I sure wish I had that excuse but, turns out, I just didn't see many movies this year. Hate the theater, it's too expensive, and I'll gladly watch junk from 7 years ago on Netflix Instant Play at home with my cat instead.

Anyway, tune in next Monday 7-9pm for our next SCATS Screencast. Stowe will be out of town but we have a special treat in store for next week's strip. Best of all, you can watch me try my hand at drawing live so feel free to stop by then and heckle away!


P.S. - Tell me having 10 films now in the Best Picture category isn't just a money grab so more of them can re-advertise as having been nominated.

by The Jinxmedic on 1/27/2011 @ 8:10am
I like this one. A lot.

Well done.

by The Jinxmedic on 1/27/2011 @ 8:51am
Besides, I think McGruff could take Smokey any day. With bare paws. (or bear claws, as it might be).

by jamesstoweart on 1/27/2011 @ 9:38am
Dog in trenchcoat versus shirtless bear wielding a shovel? I am sorry... no contest.

Bear wins.

by Erik on 1/27/2011 @ 9:56am
Awesome prose Mr. ^F.

by The Jinxmedic on 1/27/2011 @ 10:06am
If you don't go for the bare paws angle, please remember that dog in trenchcoat is a crime dog. Therefore, it is implied that he has at least one large-caliber firearm under there.

by NineInchNachos on 1/27/2011 @ 10:22am
i still want to see true grit

by thriceallamerican on 1/27/2011 @ 10:42am
Watch True Grit here.

Oh, you mean the one with The Dude?

by Mark Monlux on 1/27/2011 @ 12:25pm
Meanwhile you spent how many hours 'gaming?' Glass houses, dude.

by L.S.Erhardt on 1/27/2011 @ 1:00pm
Only one of those I saw was Black Swan. Good movie? Yeah. Oscar worthy? I dunno. For me the Oscars are like the Superbowl: not really worth the airspace it's broadcasted on.

by NineInchNachos on 1/27/2011 @ 1:30pm
why would I want to watch a gobbshite movie about bourgeois anorexics ? maybe if the pretty dancers were all escaping from a Siberian gulag

by Mofo from the Hood on 1/27/2011 @ 1:42pm
The last movie I watched was the silent flick "College" starring Buster Keaton.