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posted Nov 25, 2010
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I could go off on a why-not-use-my-expensive-geology-degree rant right now but, well, I won't. It has been cold 'round these parts this week! A dump of snow followed by a wind storm and temperatures in the teens makes for a rare mix in these parts. There are enough hills around that even a tiny dose of this kind of weather brings the area grinding (or sliding, as it were) to a halt.

Aside from the difference between our mountain ranges, west coasters sure freak out faster in this kind of weather than east coasters. Heck, despite our soggy reputation most of us Northwesterner's forget how to drive in the rain. But therein lies the key. Drive. I contend the same would be true anywhere that relies heavily on cars rather than public transit like trains, busses, and the subway like in the east. With the control of being behind the wheel comes great responsibility and often great stupidity when everyone thinks, "I looks icy but if I can just keep going up this hill nothing bad could really happen. Right?"

So, the mountains on the east coast are much older than those here. The simple truth about them is that time and weather have had more of a chance to erode them compared to here on the west coast. There, I had to get that out! See? Wasn't so painful, was it?

Happy Thanksgiving from SCATS!



Happy Thanksgiving from SCATS! Have a happy and warm holiday weekend.