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posted Aug 21, 2013
Pet Projects - Weeds ()
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Those are supposed to be dandelions.

Also, it's best if you read this comic from top to bottom, by columns. I don't know what I was thinking, setting the panels up like that.

by JesseHillFan on 8/23/2013 @ 5:13pm
I determined that a Pierce County non regulated (not enforced I believe) noxious weed known as buddleia davidii (known as the butterfly bush or summer lilac) would be ideal in protecting the front of my house against near daily harassing rock throwing by kids in my neighborhood.I've had them (Butterfly Bushes) before but was told by city code enforcement to cut them down in my alley as one can't plant anything more than 1 feet in height.It was a dilemma for planting choices as other tall plants grow too slow for my needs to protect my house.The Butterfly Bush has a very fast growth rate as I remember can be up to 6 feet of growth in one year's time especially if fertilized and well watered. As I remember they grew very tall about 16 feet which is 2 feet taller than the roof of my house.Also quite wide near the top at about 12 feet wide.When they get tall they are more open near the bottom 6 feet or so reminding one of the open space of shade loving tall Rhododendron varieties.Normally these are not a choice planting however I have a lot of Rose of Sharon shrubs so they would make a nice colorful match for them.I could string strong fruit tree netting between the Butterfly Bushes to stop rocks too or mount 14 foot tall poles to sting fruit tree netting or even chicken wire and it wouldn't be very noticeable.They flower in Jun and August and maybe September basically at the time when the vandal kids cause most of the trouble.It's been studied and crime basically rises with hot weather.I am buying 3 varieties (Pink-Red,White and Dark Blue) to grow them together to have a 4th of July look.In the right circumstance and right location a Butterfly Bush can fit nicely especially with other shade preferring shrubbery around underneath it like azaleas and rhododendrons. 

Dandelions can be a beneficial weed too and some varieties can be used like salads as a food source.