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Ghost of a chance?

posted Apr 21, 2012
Pet Projects - Ghost of a chance? ()
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Kaeley and the ghost were originally supposed to be playing chess, but I was too lazy to figure out the key chess pieces in mid-game.

by CaptainBritton on 4/21/2012 @ 5:05pm
Hey, checkers works!

by InvaderPet on 4/22/2012 @ 10:03am

Coloring mistake: Kaeley has a stack of red checkers, the ghost has a stack of black checkers. It should be the other way around. D'OH!

by The Jinxmedic on 4/23/2012 @ 8:19am
No, they are just playing by Albanian rules- you add checkers to the board as you go along.

by L.S.Erhardt on 4/23/2012 @ 10:08am
In soviet Albania...

by Non Sequitur on 4/23/2012 @ 11:58am
She's holding a flask of something the color of raw salmon.
Is she also an alchemist, by chance?

by InvaderPet on 4/23/2012 @ 12:52pm
Re: Thorax- ".... checkers play you"?
Re: Sequitur: You did not read the previous comic, it seems. It's a "ghost-busting" potion.