Ocryx and Joe

Support Group

Hoarders' disorder is common among crows. Fortunately, support for those wishing to overcome addiction is available.
posted Dec 22, 2009
Ocryx and Joe - Support Group (Ocryx and Joe, old heidelberg brewery, tacoma, support groups)
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The entire concept of the "Ocryx and Joe" comic was built over three years ago on a simple concept- where do crows go for help to overcome their well-known craving to hoard shiny objects?

We decided that such help can only come from peer-to-peer support- and the first panel was created in the form of a captioned photograph of a group of crows in a run-down looking urban setting, that for all the world was appearing to attend a twelve-step program.

Oglicrux and Ocryx got their names that day, and Joe came along only later - since being stuck with a human name, he had developed an attitude problem- and a chip on his shoulder, er, wing, to boot.

Oglicrux reminds us in the last panel that addictions can be difficult to, well, lick.


by L.S.Erhardt on 12/23/2009 @ 12:05am
You know, down at work last year, we had a crow build it's nest on the ladder to a currently-out-of-service asphalt tank.

It ended up abandoning the nest after a certain nimrod I work with decided to "take care of the problem".

In the nest we ended up finding wire, nuts, bolts, fiberglass insulation and 3 pairs of oily gloves.

That's a crow for ya.

by NineInchNachos on 12/23/2009 @ 8:58am
you can tell the crows apart in the comic by the variation of beakstache and crowlick.

by The Jinxmedic on 12/23/2009 @ 10:41am
"Beakstaches" and "crowlicks". I like that, good work.

It really is amazing what you can find in a crow's nest (besides crows).