Ocryx and Joe

Ocryx and Joe's design proposal for the new waterfront hotel

Because even a couple of crows understand good design
posted May 7, 2010
Ocryx and Joe - Ocryx and Joe's design proposal for the new waterfront hotel (tacoma, CLAW, Luzon, Foss Waterway, Ocryx and Joe)
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Now that the new hotel is going forward, there's no reason to be stuck with bad corporate design. Why not create a hotel that reflects Tacoma's history, and brings us back a lost icon? These crows have the right idea...

I did the last panel as a quick thumbnail last night for a comments thread, decided I really liked the concept, and then made a colored rendering of it - which ended up looking remarkably like an early 1900's tinted postcard. Rather than let it die on the comments thread, I decided to let our favorite crows share it here.

by KevinFreitas on 5/7/2010 @ 7:38am
Totally... frickin'... brilliant! Well done, sir. Give David Boe a run for his "Imagine" money you just might. ;)

by Erik on 5/7/2010 @ 8:22am

And a full captioned presentation just like a Tacomic!

With the incredible historical design work of your proposed design with the resurrection of the Luzon, it sort of takes a swipe at those wanting a better design as being unrealistic.

by The Jinxmedic on 5/7/2010 @ 8:37am
I thank you all for the kind words. As you can see, this hotel project presents Historic Tacoma with an opportunity to repair past losses. Indeed, the supposed "preserved architectural elements" (have you actually seen any of the elements allegedly recovered from the building? Has anyone?) from the Luzon could be incorporated into the new design. I think Burnham and Root would approve...

by ixia on 5/7/2010 @ 9:01am
Incredibly nice! Intensely beautiful.
There are a few remnants at the history museum storage facility I believe. I made molds of some of the terracottas.

by Nick on 5/7/2010 @ 11:13am
Hey that's not bad! Has sort of a train station feel to it, which sorta jives with Tacoma's personality. Love it!

by fredo on 5/7/2010 @ 11:21am
I like the little tree growing out of the wall. Nice homage to the original Luzon. Jinx you're a master.

by Erik on 5/7/2010 @ 12:20pm
Nice work Jinx!

Now the Tribune has linked to it:

New design for Foss Hotel offered by Jinxmedic

Posted By Peter Callaghan on May 7, 2010 at 9:53 am

Tacoma's favorite crows Ocryx and Joe offer their design solution to the debate over the new Foss Hotel. Why not take one actual Tacoma debacle and use it to prevent another one?

Take a look here.


by wurlitzergirl on 5/7/2010 @ 12:40pm
I think Burnham & Root would most definitely approve.

by morgan on 5/7/2010 @ 11:33pm
How is it a comic artist can come up with something so much nicer and cooler than a team of corporate architects? Awesome!

by L.S.Erhardt on 5/7/2010 @ 11:57pm
@ Morgan:
that one is easy. Artists make things that look good. That's what we do.

Corporate architects make things that are "acceptable", "economical" and most importantly, approved by the board.

If you had an architect who was also an artist, you'd have a Frank Lloyd Wright or Santiago Calatrava.