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Where do YOU think the link should go?
posted Aug 22, 2012
Where do YOU want the Link to Go?
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Of course, the Link extension should go to whatever neighborhoods already have the most money. Far be it that it should serve those who actually need it.

by KevinFreitas on 8/22/2012 @ 8:20am
I'd like it to go all over town. Where should it go next? My vote is Stadium area or Hilltop to connect the densest areas better with downtown. From there either up Portland Ave. or out to the Tacoma Mall area.

by cisserosmiley on 8/22/2012 @ 8:35am
Best use is UWT to TCC via s. 19th, but that won't make my 6th ave property value go up so ssshhhhhh.

by The Jinxmedic on 8/22/2012 @ 8:42am
Why would you want to connect to Tacoma Mall? That would just funnel out the remainder of what is left of downtown.

by Chris.Tacoma on 8/22/2012 @ 9:12am
Any extension on the East Side (of Tacoma) poses a technical and logistical issue of the single track between Union Station and Tacoma Dome Station.  We could double-track that section theoretically, but increased costs would mean shortening the extension overall.
Tacoma Link needs population density from its next extension so that ridership projections show the federal government that this is a worthy project to receive a grant.  As long as that happens, the project of extending Link to a citywide system can continue.  This should not be the end of extensions of Tacoma Link.  We should have an extension project either in planning, design, and/or construction, until all of the areas that would benefit from streetcar have streetcar.

by KevinFreitas on 8/22/2012 @ 9:37am
@Jinx: The Mall wouldn't be my highest nor first priority but it should go there eventually. Whether we like it or not, the mall is there. My wager is that if there were an easy connection to/from the mall and downtown more people would come from the mall to try out downtown than would defect and head to the mall. Unfortunately for Tacoma, most people know us first by our mall. I think a light rail connection there labelled "Come to Our Awesome Downtown!" might help that. Nice to have the LeMay Museum bring a new view of Tacoma from the freeway as well to compete with the image of the mall as Tacoma from the freeway.

by tacoma_1 on 8/22/2012 @ 9:55am
Here is, at least what I thought, is a fascinating street films/AARP video about how transit helps seniors quality of life and mobility:


by Erik on 8/22/2012 @ 12:55pm
My vote is Stadium area or Hilltop to connect the densest areas better with downtown

Agreed.  Sound Transit should connect the highest density areas which require the least amount of track.  All of the train routing map I have ever seen seek to connect density nodes.  Otherwise, they are going to cost a lot of money and be empty all of the time.

Connecting the Stadium District first is the most obvious first step because it will take such a short length (a mere 2/3rds of a mile) of track and will connect one of the highest density residential  centers in the city and is in a mixed use area.  Then the decisions get a bit more challenging.

Salishan could be connected one day.  However, it is 4 miles away (according to Google maps) and is a low density area.  Many people are seeking to have light rail extended to where they live which is encouraging as it shows that they like light rail/Streetcars.

However, Sound Transit should use a formula similar to the below to determine the practicality of which nodes to connect in what order.

(Population within walking distance of the proposed stop)/(length of rail line required to connect the proposed node)

The larger the resultant fraction, the higher priority the node should be in being connected.

by fredo on 8/22/2012 @ 2:58pm

Why don't we just give Salishan it's library back so they will be happy and then they'll stop agitating for a streetcar? Lot cheaper to pay some little librarian $60K for checking out free videos then to put in rail at a cost of millions of dollars per mile.

by The Jinxmedic on 8/22/2012 @ 3:41pm
Word has it that the Puyallup Tribe was willing to pay for some of this line...

by fredo on 8/22/2012 @ 3:45pm

Why won't the tribe pay for the library?

by The Jinxmedic on 8/22/2012 @ 4:09pm
Because the voters already paid for it in a $15M bond issue a few years ago.

by tacoma_1 on 8/22/2012 @ 4:24pm
Word has it that the Casino is no longer interested once they got some preliminary $ estimates.

by The Jinxmedic on 8/22/2012 @ 4:35pm
And that would be the short end of it...

by low bar on 8/22/2012 @ 4:52pm
Just do whatever Vancouver BC would do and you'll be fine...and a stop in front of a trader joes.

by tacoma_1 on 8/22/2012 @ 5:13pm
In the spirit of full disclosure, I live in old town, and will not substantially benefit from the 6th ave alignment (my preferred alignment) in any way whatsoever except that Crown Bar would be an easy train ride up and a 2 mile bike ride home, all downhill.

No wait, after beer, adding in the customary zigging and zagging, and a couple wrong turns, make that 3 miles.

by fredo on 8/22/2012 @ 8:14pm

since Tacoma1 has a habit of riding his bicycle after drinking I think it would be good to run the streetcar between his house and his favorite bar.

by NineInchNachos on 8/22/2012 @ 9:34pm
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