Ocryx and Joe

Ocryx and Joe observe Mission Creep in the Occupy crowd

Be Uniters, not Dividers...
posted Oct 26, 2011
Ocryx and Joe - Ocryx and Joe observe Mission Creep in the Occupy crowd ()
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What's been happening to the "Occupy" crowd? As the movement grows, it has been attracting all sorts of people- many of them who are not actually constructive to the movement. For the Occupy movement to remain valid, it will be necessary to self-police what is being said- otherwise, it risks losing 85% of the 99%. Stay focused on the key issues- Bailouts for Banks, Big Government in league with Corporations, Banks, and Unions- Congress making themselves immune from laws that affect normal citizens- you get the idea.

The amazing thing is that the Tea Party movement and the OWS movement were both started as a response to similar grievances - attacking the other group weakens the argument and marginalizes the protests. In order for these to become real movements that work together for actual change (not just a campaign slogan from someone who thought the presidency was a prize to be won, not a job to be performed), they need to come together on the points that they share in common. Otherwise, that "1%" that you are complaining about just sits back and laughs- because a divided movement poses no risk whatsoever to the status quo.

We give kudos to the "Occupy Tacoma" organizers for creating the most civil (and cleanest!) of all the national OWS protests. Don't let all this effort and energy become marginalized- it's not too late to become uniters, not dividers...

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