Logjam Lookin' at Round Six!

posted Apr 3, 2011
Logjam - Logjam Lookin' at Round Six! (logjam,hawley,comics,contest)
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LOGJAM'S GIVING THE EYE TO ROUND SIX! Yep, your favorite talking vegetable survived another week in the big cartoon contest and, with over 800 votes (thank you for those!), our hero held his own among the top ten strips.  Here comes Round Six!  And starting this week...LJ's in full COLOR!  Above is a preview of this week's entry.  A spicy mix of grawlixes, implied nudity, and sticky stuff...now you have plenty of resin to vote for Logjam!  The polls open tonight,Monday April 4 at midnight EST and remain open through Sat. April 9

If you haven't voted before, you'll need to create an account at the Cartoonist Studio first before you are eligible to vote.  It's easy, and spam-free.  So don't be a sap...Voting is fun, and this contest allows you to do it often...every 6 hours, in fact! 
As always, I'll be sending out reminders and other goodies all through the week.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for looking (and voting)!

Jeff Hawley

by The Jinxmedic on 4/6/2011 @ 8:20am