Hawley Generates Ideas with Wrack-A-Brain 6100

Hi-Tech Way to Write Comics
posted Apr 19, 2011
Logjam - Hawley Generates Ideas with Wrack-A-Brain 6100 (hawley,logjam,process,wrack-a-brain)
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Launch Phase (Fig. 1): Hawley shown here about to embark on a writing session utilizing the Wrack-A-Brain 6100.  Safety is paramount.  Bystanders have been herded into nearby bunker to observe.  Hawley mounts the Wrack-A-Brain 6100, secures his feet in stirrups.  All systems are go.

Alpha Doodle Phase (Fig. 2): Hawley uses his own weight and precise positioning of his arms to loose the surly bonds of Earth.  Wrack-A-Brain 6100 soon attains level and stable geosynchronous attitude.  Gravity and the Cartoonist have come to terms. Hawley's brain begins sending ideas to his pen and notebook.  Naturally enough, ideas in this position are level-headed, sober, and non-transgressive.  

Brain Whomp Phase (Fig. 3): Hawley tilts further back on the amazing Wrack-A-Brain 6100.  Hanging at a 45 degree angle, blood surges into cranium, stimulating certain lobes of the Cartoonist's brain that, under ordinary circumstances, sit around doing nothing.  Hawley experiences a flood of off-kilter, weird ideas. As neurons reach critical mass, Hawley writes at FTL speed with space-age pen capable of writing while upside down.

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