Our Friend the Stove

TINKERTOPIA: Refuse + Reduce + Reuse + Recycle + Rot Activity Coloring Book

PART 01 of 24 - "Cover Page"
posted Oct 8, 2015
tacoma, #24hcd, 24 hour comic day, 2014, tinkertopia, five R's
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ALL NEW STORY ARC for Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians (The CLAW) 24hr comic day 2015! The entirety of this comic book was drawn inside Tacoma Games on 6th ave OCT 3-4th 2015 A.D.  It is follows a day in the life of Commander RR™, President Ms. Darcy™ and Tinker Intern Maximilian™.  SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Rerun the Tinker Crab™, The Tinkermobile™, Hamburger H8R, Hairy Mermaid, Work Dog, Hot Dog Wizard!  

sponsored/commissioned  by Tinkertopia Tacoma's only Alt. Art Supply !