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TINKERTOPIA: Refuse + Reduce + Reuse + Recycle + Rot Activity Coloring Book

PAGE 17 of 24 - "Parable of Recycle"
posted Nov 6, 2015
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PARABLE FOUR (4). RECYCLE: If the previous 4 parables won’t work, recycle. When you are just starting to use the 5 R’s, it can be difficult to use the first few options.  Maybe you missed the opportunity to refuse or reduce because you just weren’t there in your TINKER QUEST when these purchases were made?  Maybe there is no alternative? Recycling is a great way to open your eyes to all that you toss and a chance to rethink your future.

  • Recycle all the basics you can – paper, plastic, metal, bones, fire, wind, air, water and glass
  • Recycle ALL fabric – even stained or ripped clothing you stole escaping from prison.
  • Recycle all electronics and don't just burn them in backyard fire pit
  • For a huge list of other things you can recycle, check here