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TINKERTOPIA: DIY Guide to the Great Material Continuum

PART 1 of 24 - "Cover Page"
posted Oct 8, 2014
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ALL NEW STORY ARC for 24hr comic day 2014! The entirety of this comic book was drawn inside Tacoma Games on 6th ave OCT 4-5th 2014 A.D.  It is follows a day in the life of Commander RR™, President Ms. Darcy™ and Tinker Cadet First Officer Maximilian™.  SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Rerun the Tinker Crab™, and The Tinkermobile™!   FAQ: What is the Great Material Continuum? A: Find out, Stay tuned...  will be publishing a page a night !

sponsored/commissioned  by Tinkertopia Tacoma's only Alt. Art Supply !