posted Jun 29, 2012
Plenty of clothes
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I've been accused of creating a regime which only women wear clothes. I present this little montage as PROOF that this gender clothing bias isn't true.

PROOF, I tell you. PROOF!

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/29/2012 @ 7:50pm
I particularly like the Adam the Alien Bean...

by InvaderPet on 6/29/2012 @ 7:52pm
You should do a comic of the Adam character flipping over on his bike. :P

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/29/2012 @ 8:01pm
Heh. I wonder how Adam would feel about that.

by cisserosmiley on 6/29/2012 @ 8:05pm
Classic red herring to throw us off the FACT that although boy beans are clothed at times, only boy beans appear naked! This conspiracy deepens.

by InvaderPet on 6/29/2012 @ 8:28pm
I hope Adam knows I'm joking.

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/29/2012 @ 8:32pm
No worries, cissero. I promise there will be more bean skin coming up.

by Non Sequitur on 7/1/2012 @ 11:51pm
Where does that biker-bean fit in? I'd like to see more of that guy.