Beantown #028

Barney Rubble, indeed.
posted Aug 26, 2011
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No, I don't remember what the Fred Flintstone guy looked like.
But the Barney Rubble dude is a construct, a device for mockery of someone.

...or something.

by The Jinxmedic on 8/26/2011 @ 9:17am
Kenny is a nudist!

by CaptainBritton on 8/26/2011 @ 9:48am
Ding! Ding Ding Ding Ding!

by fredo on 8/26/2011 @ 9:49am
somewhere in the universe that "fred flintstone" guy is probably telling the story about the nude bean guy who sweated all over the bus seats.

by cisserosmiley on 8/26/2011 @ 9:55am
maybe the problem with public transit in 'merica is the egalitarian nature of many other nations (many of which have universal healthcare) there are two bus systems. one is super cheap & anyone can afford, the second cost a little more but is a comfortable alternative for folks who want public transportation without the egalitarian effect pee smells

by fredo on 8/26/2011 @ 10:09am
in the philippines you get two different buses you can ride just like cissero said.

one is for the common people and is cheaper to ride but the passengers frequently bring goats and pigs on board with them so it's sort of gross. also the driver always has rap music playing in the coach at like 110 db so that people down the road a mile or two will know he's coming.

the other buses have the code word "air con" printed on the front. this is to convince stupid people to pay extra to ride. of course the air conditioning never works and the windows are all welded closed so that people who haven't yet boarded will think it's cool inside.

by cisserosmiley on 8/26/2011 @ 10:16am
pierce transit could have "fresh air" buses as a code word to denote the non-pee smelling ones

by L.S.Erhardt on 8/27/2011 @ 11:02am
It is rather fascinating to see where the commentary leads.

Incidentally, Kenny does wear a hat and boots...