American Woman

Issue #1, Page 1.

"American Woman is a joke!"
posted Mar 31, 2012
American Woman - Issue #1, Page 1. (Issue #1)
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by fredo on 3/31/2012 @ 7:41am

I see a subtext to the American Woman plotline already. Men are profusely sweating coffee spilling nincompoops and women are cool and in control. Kind of like real life. Good cartoon. 

by CaptainBritton on 3/31/2012 @ 8:04am
Oh Fredo, you are gonna love this cartoon, my friend!

by L.S.Erhardt on 3/31/2012 @ 10:23am
What I see is that AW is not only fighting crime, but societal presumptions and misogynists.

This is gonna be FUN.

by CaptainBritton on 3/31/2012 @ 10:45am
...And she'll maintain her awesome hairdo while doing it! Or WILL she?!?

by L.S.Erhardt on 3/31/2012 @ 11:27am
Only if she uses industrial-grade epoxy as hair spray.
But then again, she might be so hardcore that it actually requires said epoxy just to keep her hair in place.

by CaptainBritton on 3/31/2012 @ 11:36am
Have you seen this yet? Google maps as an RPG." target="new" title="http://\">">\">

And here is AW's Americar on googlemaps quest!

by L.S.Erhardt on 3/31/2012 @ 11:52am
OK, that's pretty cool. I had no idea that existed.

by NineInchNachos on 4/1/2012 @ 1:52pm
i'm excited about the radio FCC ruling that will get more tiny stations on the air.  This is a very timely strip.

by Snowy on 4/1/2012 @ 4:23pm

Her hair, how refreshing!!  No mention of cleavage. Can't wait to see her "prove her power". : )

by InvaderPet on 4/1/2012 @ 8:49pm

Man, I'll have that song in my head for a long time now....

by The Jinxmedic on 4/2/2012 @ 8:19am
Wait- I have seen that automobile...

by CaptainBritton on 4/2/2012 @ 2:45pm
It's a NW icon! (Hello, LeMay museum?)