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Another take on the "253 Gun Hoodie"

Here is my old "Muggerus Americanus" piece, slightly changed to be a bit more topical
posted May 20, 2012
Air Swirly - Another take on the
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Look- a few quick changes, and- voila! Topical Tacoma at its best! (Please don't break my legs, Mr. Naccarato- this is all in good jest. However, I might be willing the rights to this to you for, let's see, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!)

by L.S.Erhardt on 5/20/2012 @ 1:22pm
Thank god we don't live in Florida.

Although, the finesse and the skill of the bullet holes certainly seems to be a calling card of the SPD...

by JesseHillFan on 5/20/2012 @ 6:20pm
A perfect observation and nicely colored too.
Yes this would make a nice t shirt or even on a hoodie

by KevinFreitas on 5/21/2012 @ 6:52am
Wow, timely and very well done. (and, funny enough, your t-shirt design is WAY easier to make out as 253 than Republic of 253's version!)

by NineInchNachos on 5/21/2012 @ 8:13am
ohhhhh noooooooooo.  

by cisserosmiley on 5/21/2012 @ 5:22pm
So that's a Tacoma artist who has slipped in red mural paint?

by The Jinxmedic on 5/22/2012 @ 7:34am
Pretty much. And knocked himself uncnconcious in the fall, as well. Poor guy. Hope he is feeling better...

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 5/22/2012 @ 12:17pm
I think your 253  design has better style than the original.  Maybe you can arrange some cross licensing deal.

by The Jinxmedic on 5/22/2012 @ 12:40pm
I will happily sell my design at a reasonable price. (I need to buy a new gun.)

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 5/22/2012 @ 1:12pm
One of the best editorial cartoons I've ever seen, you are a true professional.  As much discussion as there has been on this issue you've managed to bring even more to the table and in a unique way.  Superb work.

by JesseHillFan on 5/22/2012 @ 4:55pm
Also very Gary Larson-esque well actually in my opinion better than Gary Larson too but in that style.